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Sarah Orne Jewett's Last Will & Testament
July 13, 1897
a codicil of July 5, 1907.

     Will of July 13, 1897

     Be it Remembered, that I, Sarah Orne Jewett of South Berwick in the County of York in the State of Maine being of sound mind and memory, but knowing the uncertainty of this life, do make this my last will and testament.

     After the payment of my just debts, funeral charges and expenses of administration, I dispose of my estate, as follows:

     I give to my dear sister, Mary R. Jewett, all my share and right in the undivided estates of Theodore F. Jewett, William D. Jewett, Theodore H. Jewett, and Caroline F. Jewett, both real and personal property of every sort with all other property of every sort of which I may die possessed, including all my copyrights of books, by whomever published, now or hereafter, and all rights of every sort in literary material already printed by me, to have and hold in trust for the following uses and bequests, to wit: --

     (1)     To pay to Theodore Jewett Eastman three thousand dollars ($3000.) on his twenty-fifth birthday, and until that time one hundred dollars ($100.) each year on the fourth of August.

     (2)     To pay within one month of my death to Annie Fields of Boston two thousand dollars ($2000.) and half the income of my copyrights in the hands of Messrs. Houghton, Mifflin & Co. to be paid yearly as they fall due in May and November during her life. Also my diamond ring and my share in some pictures which we bought to-gether; this to be in remembrance of our long and dear friendship and with my love.

     (3)     To pay to John E. Tucker of South Berwick within two months of my death, one thousand dollars ($1000.) in remembrance of his faithful friendship and service of my family and me.

     (4)     To pay to Susan Jameson Jewett one thousand dollars ($1000.)

     (4 1/2)     To pay to Hannah L. Driscoll one hundred dollars ($100.)

     (5)     To pay to the General Fund of Berwick Academy, one thousand dollars ($1000.) the income to be spent for proper care or repairs of the Library windows, or memorial window to Soldier, and Sailors as a first charge

     (6)     To use, enjoy and expend all that may be left for herself, and to her own use during her life, and to sell, convey and dispose of the same by deed during life, or by will at her decease in any way she may elect.

     I particularly entrust the care of my unprinted papers and unfinished manuscripts to Annie Fields and my said sister, and I forbid the printing of any prose or verse or more especially of any of my letters in whosever hands they may be, except as my said sister and the said Annie Fields may to-gether, in due form of writing, authorize and permit; they being well aware of what would please me in this regard or what I should dislike.

     I appoint my sister, Mary R. Jewett, as executrix of this will, without bonds.

     I ask my said sister or my Executor to follow out the provisions of a letter of instructions inclosed in this Will in regard to certain remembrances to be given to my friends


Codicil of July 5, 1907

     Be it Remembered that I, Sarah O Jewett of South Berwick in the County of York in the State of Maine being of sound and disposing mind and memory, but mindful of the uncertainty of this life, do make, publish and declare this a codicil to my Last Will and Testament, hereby confirming the former Will by me made. Except - as hereinafter provided.

     (1)     In event of my receiving in my lifetime, or my estate being increased after my decease by receipt of the legacy bequeathed to me by the late Susan B Cabot of Boston Mass. I direct and bequeath that the income which may be derived from said legacy be paid to Mrs Annie Fields of said Boston, if she should survive me, for and during her life; and at her decease the said legacy bequeath to my sister Mary R Jewett in accordance with the terms of the will made by me July 13th, 1897, and to which this is a codicil.

     (2)     I hereby revoke the legacy bequeathed in said will to my nephew Theodore J. Eastman.

     (3)     I bequeath to Kate O'Mahoney, Kate Galvin, and Joseph Flanagan each to such of them as may be members of our household at my decease, the sum of one hundred dollars ($100.) with my thanks for their affectionate service.

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