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Country By-Ways


Sarah Orne Jewett



River Driftwood and Atlantic Monthly Text
Andrew's Fortune and Atlantic Monthly Text
An October Ride
From a Mournful Villager and Atlantic Monthly Text
An Autumn Holiday and Harper's Text
A Winter Drive
Good Luck: A Girl's Story and Good Company Text
Miss Becky's Pilgrimage and Independent Text


Just now I am making up a book which is to come out in the fall -- called Country By-Ways. It is mostly sketches of country life -- and of my own country life. So far I have simply tried to write down pictures of what I see -- but by and by I am going to say some things I have thought about those pictures. I don't know whether the pictures or the meditations will seem truest, but I know that I have found out some bits of truth for myself --
    Letter to Theophilus Parsons, 12 June 1881

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