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"The Contributors' Club" from Atlantic Monthly

Pieces Possibly by Sarah Orne Jewett

This is a selection of pieces that appeared in "The Contributors' Club," an anonymous monthly column where short pieces by regular Atlantic contributors were collected. Some of these are certainly by Jewett, but some probably are not.
     Readers are invited to examine these and to suggest arguments for or against believing any particular piece to be by Jewett. If such responses prove interesting enough, they may be added to this collection, with full credit to the authors.
     Readers also are invited to peruse the pages of Atlantic during Jewett's writing career, 1878-1902, to see whether they can find and suggest pieces not included here that may be by Jewett. Before undertaking this task, however, readers should consult Richard Cary, "Some Bibliographic Ghosts of Sarah Orne Jewett." Colby Library Quarterly. 8 (1968): 139-145. There Cary identifies pieces he has reason to believe are by Jewett. I have collected all of these and a few more.  Communications about these matters should be sent to the site manager.







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