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Sarah Orne Jewett
     Notes for a Sunday School talk

     No date
     Two sides of a page.
    [In brackets are words I could not decipher and other notes.]

     [Side 1]

     For Sunday-School Talk

     A friendship with Christ --

     The decision to be good to be made once for all -- but it is like making up one's mind to go to [Bostonievein]

     More [sense / since] you go on toward the end of the journey -- and in another sense you decide at every step which way you [stride seems to be stricken] go --

     In every event of our lives we decide to be Christians or to do wrong.

     This is done for the most part unconsciously -- It is very seldom that the question comes up in this definite way --

     [Side 2]

     That your life or mine is being changed for the better is sufficient evidence of Christ's having ascended

     The ascension the turning point, when Christ left the earth finally and forever he exchanged the material worship for the spiritual --

     Everything in the way of church ordinances only valuable so far as they help our [spiritual is stricken] intercourse with Christ [ 2 words stricken]

     Comfort is strength -- The disciples went forth everywhere in the strength of the ascension the Lord working with them A friendship with Christ

     No ritual commanded us -- but we are to choose what helps us most -

Transcription from MS Am 1743.22 (79) by courtesy of the Houghton Library, Harvard University.

Terry Heller, Coe College.

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