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The Jewett Journal:  Undergraduate Essays

This part of the Sarah Orne Jewett Text Project publishes original essays by undergraduate students.  Our goals are to encourage critical thinking and scholarship on Jewett and to provide a rich and stimulating selection of essays by young scholars.  This division of the Jewett Journal was begun in August 2004, with the publication of Sharon Sedlacek's essay on "The King of Folly Island."  Submissions are welcome.

Rules for Submission
Rules for Use


Rules for Submission

- Teachers at undergraduate institutions may submit essays by their students, with the student's permission.

- We do not anticipate setting up an editorial board for this part of the Jewett Journal.  Therefore, we depend upon teachers to screen essays and submit only those of the highest quality.

- We are looking for essays that are interesting, thought-provoking, and well written.

- We encourage teachers to help students prepare their essays in whatever ways seem appropriate to producing elegant pieces and nurturing writing skill and scholarship.

- Submitting an essay is the teacher's affirmation that the essay is original and represents the best work done by undergraduates at your institution.

- Generally, then, submitted essays will be accepted and published.  However, the site manager will review all work and reserves the rights to reject a piece and to request revision.

How to Submit

- Submit essays by e-mail in attachments as html or word-procssor documents (Word, WordPerfect, RTF).

- Send communications to theller at coe dot edu.  (You need to convert this to a readable address).

- BEFORE sending the essay, send a separate e-mail announcing that you will be sending an attachment.
    Mail with attachments from unknown senders is immediately deleted.


Rules for Use

- Essays at this site are the property of their authors.  Though they may be printed out and used for educational and study purposes, they may not be reprinted for commercial purposes without the written consent of their authors.

- Intellectual integrity and courtesy would suggest the following:
    If you reprint an essay for classroom use, you cite its source and notify the author.
    All readers would discourage plagiarism of these essays.

- Please send the site manager your requests and observations.


Heather Petsche, "A thing to make the angels weep"?:
Evaluating the Plot and Characterization of Sarah Orne Jewett's The Tory Lover, 2005

Sharon K. Sedlacek, "The King of Folly Island":
The Necessity of Balance for the Prevention of Folly, 2004

Copyright 2004-5 by Terry Heller

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The Jewett Journal