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The Sarah Orne Jewett Text Project contains the complete, known published works of Sarah Orne Jewett, with the exception of a very small number of hard-to-find items.  Many of these appear in more than one version.  You may review the Bibliography for a chronological list; there is also an Alphabetical List of Texts.  The Bibliography also includes a short list of secondary sources.  In addition to published works, unpublished writing is being added regularly.  These are listed in the Alphabetical List of Texts, though most are letters and will be found in Other Letters.

This site includes:
    A comprehensive secondary bibliography, with notes and many links to full-text articles.
    Annie Fields, a selection of her works.
    Related writing, a selection of writings relevant to various Jewett texts, most notably, The Tory Lover and A Country Doctor.

This site is actively maintained and, therefore, correctable.  Should you find any errors, or if you are able to provide information or materials that might be added to this site, please contact: theller at coe period edu.

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    On Illustrations in the introductory pages
The autograph and portrait are from the frontispiece of the 1910 edition of Tales of New England. The photograph of Jewett at a table was made in 1892 by Frederick Hollyer. It appears in Annie Fields, ed., Letters of Sarah Orne Jewett, p. 93. The photograph portraits of Jewett and Annie Fields are from Elizabeth Silverthorne, Sarah Orne Jewett.

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