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The King of Folly Island and Other People, 1888


Sarah Orne Jewett

This book of stories
is dedicated with grateful affection

The King of Folly Island / Harper's
The Courting of Sister Wisby / Atlantic / Outlook
The Landscape Chamber / Atlantic
Law Lane / Scribner's
Miss Peck's Promotion  / Scribner's
Miss Tempy's Watchers / Atlantic
A Village Shop
Mère Pochette / Harpers


1888 First Edition

Courtesy of the University of Iowa Library

Richard Cary notes that this cover is by Sarah Wyman Whitman (1842-1904), whom he describes (in Sarah Orne Jewett Letters, p. 155) as one of the group of talented women with whom Jewett associated at the Charles Street home of Annie Fields in Boston. Whitman was "professional designer of stained glass windows, a painter, and an illustrator of books." For Jewett, she designed the covers of The Queen's Twin, Betty Leicester, and Strangers & Wayfarers.

Title Page of the 1888 Edition

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