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List of Recipients
Jewett's Works mentioned in these letters
Selected Writers mentioned in these letters
Richard Cary's Index


The editor has adapted Richard Cary's list of recipients and index to provide indexes useful in an Internet edition.
   Figures following each name indicate the number(s) of the letter(s) addressed to him or her.

     Abbott, Lyman 65

     Alden, Henry Mills 17, 18, 19

     Bellamy, Laura E. 25

     Benjamin, Walter R. 31

     Blanc, Marie Thérèse 91, 112, 115, 125, 130

     Bray, Maria H. 30

     Brown, Agnes Bartlett (Mrs. J. Appleton) 57, 59

     Brown, J. Appleton 35

     Day, Fred Holland 76

     "Dear Madam" 28

     Estes, Dana 49, 50, 73

     Ferris, Mary Lanman 54

     Field, Elizabeth C. 114

     Floyd, Andress S. 68, 69

     Garrison, Francis Jackson 22, 26

     Gilman, Alice Dunlap (Mrs. Charles J.) 13, 101, 113, 116, 121, 126

     Gilman, Charles Ashburton 10, 14, 15, 16

     Gilman, Charles Jervis 66

     Gillman, Elizabeth J. 97, 135

     Green, Henry 85, 88, 89, 93, 94, 106, 111

     Higginson, Ida Agassiz (Mrs. Henry Lee) 11

     Holland, Sara (Mrs. Arthur) 123

     Holman, Louis A. 67

     Holt, Hamilton B. 95

     Hopkins, Frederick M. 63, 75, 81, 90

     Houghton, Mifflin & Co. 134

     Howe, Alice Greenwood (Mrs. George D.) 47

     Jamieson, Mr. 133

     Johnson, Katharine McMahon (Mrs. Robert U.) 117

     Johnson, Robert Underwood 60, 71, 80, 92, 124, 142

     Keet, Alfred E. 77, 78

     McDermott, Jessie (see Walcott)

     Morse, Edwin W. 56

     Mower, Annie E. (Mrs. Irving B.) 132

     Mower, Irving B. 87, 118

     Mulholland, Mary E. 96

     Norton, Sara 82

     Osgood, James R. 9, 12

     Paget, Violet 139, 140, 141

     Peabody, Andrew Preston 36, 52

     Perkins, Edith Forbes (Mrs. Charles E.) 128, 129

     Perry, Lucretia Fisk (Mrs. William G.) 3, 4

     Perry, Sarah Chandler (Mrs. John T.) 72

     Perry, William 21

     Rideing, William H. 45

     Rogers, Mrs. 74

     Scudder, Horace E. 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 23, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 46, 51, 55, 58, 61, 64, 70, 79, 83, 84, 103, 110,      122

     Smith, F. Hopkinson 29, 33, 34, 53

     Spofford, Harriet Prescott 32, 86

     Starkey, Jennie O. 127

     Thaxter, John 98, 99, 100, 102, 104, 105, 107, 108, 109, 119, 120

     Thurber, Samuel 137, 138

     Tupper, Frederick Allison 48

     [Walcott], Jessie McDermott (Mrs. Charles H.) 24

     Ward, Susan Hayes 20

     Ward, William Hayes 62

     Waters, Thomas Franklin 136

     Whitman, Sarah Wyman 131

     Wickham, Gertrude V. 27

     Wingate, Charles E. L. 37


Works of Jewett Mentioned in these Letters

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The title is followed by the numbers of the letters in which it appears.

All My Sad Captains - The Life of Nancy: 70, 75,

At the Funeral of Phillips Brooks - Atlantic Contributor's Club: 61n,
Autumn Holiday, An - Country By-Ways:  18


Berwick Academy Centennial - Uncollected Essays:  52n,
Betty Leicester novel & stories: 32n, 36n, 96, 112n, 114, 134, 137,
Birds' Nests - Uncollected Essays:  5
By the Morning Boat - Strangers and Wayfarers: 41,

Country By-Ways:  2n,
Country Doctor, A:  4n, 78n, 134n,
Country of the Pointed Firs, The: 47n, 79, 81n, 86, 96, 112n, 117, 131, 134n, 140n,
Courting of Sister Wisby, The - Tales of New England & The King of Folly Island: 65,

Decoration Day - A Native of Winby: 73, 75,
Deephaven and the original sketches:  4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 49n, 63, 134n,
Discontent - Poems: 54,
Doctors and Patients - Uncollected Essays: 5
Dulham Ladies, The - A White Heron & Tales of New England: 40,

Eagle Trees, The - Poems: 49n,

Family Life in America (translation) - Other: 77, 78
Farmer Finch - A White Heron: 19n,
First Sunday in June, The - Uncollected Stories:  95,
Four-Leaved Clover, A - Verses 1916 - Poems: 54,

Girl with the Cannon Dresses, The - Uncollected for Young Readers: 6, 39, 110
Gloucester Mother, The - Poems:  133n,
Guests of Mrs. Timms, The - The Life of Nancy:  113n,

Hiltons' Holiday, The - The Life of Nancy: 131,

Jack's Merry Christmas - Uncollected for Young Readers: 22n,

Katy's Birthday - Uncollected for Young Readers: 24,

Lady Ferry - Old Friends and New:  132 headnote,
Life of Nancy, The  (collection): 134n
Life of Nancy, The - The Life of Nancy: 70,
Looking Back on Girlhood - Uncollected for Young Readers: 1n, 25n, 45, 68n,

Marsh Island, A: 30,
Martha's Lady - The Queen's Twin:  90
The Mate of the Daylight, and Friends Ashore: 20
Mrs. Osgood of Bar Mills - Uncollected Essays: 68n,
Mr. Bruce - Old Friends and New:  1, 2,

A Native of Winby and Other Tales3n, 134n,
Native of Winby, A - A Native of Winby: 51,
Nature's Music - Contributor's Club  (?)
A Night in June - Poems: 17
Normans, The -- Miscellaneous: 21,

October Ride, An - Country By-Ways: 18, 19
Old Doll, The - Poems: 2,
Old Town of Berwick, The - Uncollected Essays:  47n, 67,
Only Rose, The - The Life of Nancy: 64,

Perseverance - Poems: 54
Protoplasm and House-Cleaning - Uncollected Essays: 5

Queen's Twin, The (collection): 66n, 110, 134n,
Queen's Twin, The -- The Queen's Twin: 96, 127
Quest of Mr. Teaby, The - Strangers and Wayfarers:  113,

Sarah Orne Jewett's Cat -- Biography:  27n,
Sarah Orne Jewett's Dog -- Biography:  27,
Shipwrecked Buttons, The - Play Days: 1, 2, 39, 110
Spring Sunday, A - Uncollected Stories:  133n,
Strangers and Wayfarers: 43,

Tales of New England: 38, 42, 134n,
Tory Lover, The4n, 115, 117n, 121, 122, 124, 125, 130, 134n,

Where's Nora? - The Queen's Twin:  127
White Heron, A, and Other Stories3n,


Selected Authors Mentioned in the Letters

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Alcott, Louisa May, Little Women2,

Austen, Jane
    Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion3,

Blanc, Thérèse.  See Cary's list of recipients.  77, 78, 85, 88, 89, 93, 94, 103, 124, 139
Brown, Alice: 76,

Carroll, Louis, Alice in Wonderland: 3
Cervantes: 3n
Coolidge, Susan: 56

Fields, Annie:  20n,

Gaskell, Elizabeth:  11n,

Howe, Julia Ward:  125
Hughes, Thomas, Tom Brown's School Days: 14n,

Jackson, Helen Hunt: 56

Plato: 63, 137
Phelps.  Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward:  14n, 62,

Richards, Laura:  50n,

Sainte-Beuve: 31
Sand, George: 3, 31
Smollett: 3n
Spofford, Harriet Prescott.  See Cary's list of recipients.
Sterne:  3n
Stowe, Harriet B. The Pearl of Orr's Island: 14n, 63,
Swinburne, Algernon Charles: 76,

Thackeray.  Anne Thackeray Ritchie: 96
    Old Kensington: 25
Thaxter, Celia:  75,

Ward, Mrs. Humphry, Lady Rose's Daughter: 130
Warner, Charles Dudley:  4n, 23n, 110n,
Whitman, Sarah Wyman:  46, 110n, 133n, and see Cary's list of recipients.
Whittier, John Greenleaf: 49n,

INDEX to Richard Cary, Sarah Orne Jewett Letters (1967)
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This is a simple list of the items Richard Cary indexed in his volume of letters. To find references to these items in the Letters page, you will need to use the "Find" function of your browser. If you do not find the item in the letters, it may appear in introduction.

Abbey, Edwin Austin
Abbott, Jacob
Abbott, Lyman
Academy and Literature
Advertiser (Portland, Me.)
Agamenticus (see Mount Agamenticus)
Agassiz, Elizabeth Cabot
Aix-les-Bains (Fr.)
Alcott. Louisa May
Alden, Henry Mills
Alden, Mrs. Henry Mills
Aldrich, Lilian W. (Mrs. Thomas Bailey)
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey
Alfred (Me.)
Amesbury (Mass.)
Andersen, Hans Christian
Antilles (see West Indies)
Appledore Island (Me.) (see also Isles of Shoals)
Arnold, Matthew
Arnold, Mrs. Matthew
Ashfield (Mass.)
Athens (Gr.)
Atlantic Monthly,
Atlantic Monthly Index
Austen, Jane
Authors' Readings

Bailey Island (Me.)
Bald Head Cliff (Me.)
Bartlett, John. (Familiar Quotations)
Bartlett, N. J., & Co.
Beacon Hill (Boston)
Beal, Willis
de Beaulaincourt, Ruth Charlotte
Beddoes, Thomas Lovell
Belfast (Ire.)
Bell, Helen
Bellamy, Laura E.
Benjamin, Walter R.
Bentzon, Th. (see Blanc, Marie Thérèse)
Berwick (Me.)
Berwick Academy
Berwick Woman's Club
Beverly (Mass.)
Blanc, Alexandre
Blanc, Marie Thérèse
Boats and Ships:
de Boffle, Madame
Book Buyer, The
Boothbay Harbor (Me.)
Boston (Mass.)
Boston & Maine Railroad (Eastern Division)
Boston Herald
Boston Journal
Boston Museum
Boston Sunday Herald,
Boswell, James
Bowditch, Mrs. Ingersoll (see Scudder, Sylvia C.)
Bowdoin College
Bray, Maria H.
Brooks, Phillips
Brown, Agnes Bartlett (Mrs. J.Appleton)
Brown, Alice
Brown, J. Appleton
Browning, Robert
Brunetière, Ferdinand
Brunetière, Mme. Ferdinand
Brunswick (Me.), t
Brunswick Hotel (N.Y.)
Brunswick Teleqraph
Bryn Mawr College
Burlington (Ia.)
Byron, Lord

Cabot, Susan Burley (Mrs. Joseph S.)
Cambridge (Mass.)
Cape Ann (Mass.)
Cape Neddick (Me.)
Caribbean (see West Indies)
Carlyle, Jane Welsh
Carlyle, Thomas
Carroll, Lewis (Alice in Wonderland)
Cary, Richard
Cather, Willa
Century Magazine
Chadbourne, P. A.
Chaplin, Heman White (C. H. White)
Chaplin, Jeremiah
Charles River (Mass.)
Chase, Mary Ellen
Cherbourg (Fr.)
Chicago (Ill.)
Chicago Columbian Exposition of
Choate Island (Mass.)
Chocorua (N.H.)
Christian Endeavor Society
Christian Union
Cincinnati Gazette
Claflin, Mary Davenport (Mrs. William)
Claflin, Governor William
Clark, Cora
Cochrane, Jessie
Colby College
Colby College Library
Colby Library Quarterly
Collector, The
Constable & Co.
Constantinople (Tu.)
Contributors' Club
Conway (N.H.)
Cooke, Rose Terry
Coolbroth, Eldress Harriet N.
Coolidge, Susan (see Woolsey, Sarah C.)
Copeland, Charles Townsend
Copyright League
Cork (Ire.)
Cowles, Eunice Caldwell
Cowper, William
Curtis, George William

Dana, Richard Henry
Dark Harbor (Me.)
Daughters of Maine Club
Dawes, Anna Laurens
Day, Fred Holland
Delzant, Alidor
Delzant, Gabrielle (Mme. Alidor)
Detroit Free Press
Dickens, Charles
Doe, Charles
Doe, Edith Haven (Mrs. Charles)
Donne, John
Douesnel, Mlle
Douglas, David, S
Dover (N.H.)
Dresel, Louisa
Dublin (Ire.)
Duckworth & Co.
Dudley, Frances Perry
Duff-Gordon, Lady L.
Dumas, Alexandre
Du Maurier, George

Eastman, Caroline A. (see Jewett, Caroline Augusta)
Eastman, Edwin C.
Eastman, Theodore Jewett
Edinburgh (Scot.)
Eliot (Me.)
Eliot, A. C. (pseud., Sarah Orne Jewett)
Eliot, Alice (pseud., Sarah Orne Jewett)
Eliot family
Eliot, George (Mary Ann Evans)
Emerson, Edith
Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Enniskillen (Ire.)
Essex (Mass.)
Essex County (Mass.)
Estes, Dana
Evans, Elder Fredericko
Evans, Robley D.
Exeter (N.H.)

Fairchild, Elizabeth
Fanny, Eldress
Fawcett, Henry
Ferris, Mary Lanman
Ferté sous Jourarre, La (Fr.)
Field, Elizabeth C.
Field, Rachel
Fielding, Henry
Fields, Annie (Mrs. James T.)
Fields, James T.
Fisher Unwin Co.
Fiske, Frank
Fiske, William Perry
FitzGerald, Edward
Flaubert, Gustave
Florence (It.)
Floyd, Andress S.
Floyd, Olive Beatrice
Fogg Memorial Library, Berwick Academy
Fogg, William Hayes
Forbes family
Forbes, John M.
Forbes, William
Francis, Susan Moore
Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins
Frost, Sarah Frances (see Marlowe, Julia)
Froude, James Anthony

Gardiner (Me.)
Garnett, Edward
Garrett, Mary Elizabeth
Garrison, Francis Jackson
Garrison, Theresa Holmes (Mrs. Francis J.)
Garrison, William Lloyd
Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn
Giants Causeway (Ire.)
Gilman, Abigail (see Perry, Abigail Gilman)
Gilman, Alice Dunlap (Mrs. Charles Jervis)
Gilman, Charles Ashburton
Gilman, Charles Jervis
Gilman, David Dunlap
Gilman, Elizabeth Jervis
Gilman family
Gilman, Mrs. Helen Williams
Gilman, Mary Gardiner
Glengariff (Ire.)
Good Company
Goodwin, Elizabeth Hayes
Gordon, Grace (Mrs. Treadwell Walden)
Gordon, Katharine Parker
Great Falls (N.H.)
Greeley, Russell H.
Green, Elder Henry
Guiney, Louise Imogen

Hachette et Cie
Haggins (Higgins), John
Halliburton, Georgina
Hancock House
Harper's Magazine
Harper's Weekly
Harriet, Eldress (see Coolbroth, Harriet N.)
Harte, Bret
Hartford (Conn.)
Harvard College
Harvard Medical School-
Haven, George Wallis
Haven, Mrs. George Wallis
Hawthorne, Nathaniel
Hayes, Francis B.
Hayes, Mary
Hersey, Heloise Edwina
Higgins (Haggins), John
Higginson, Henry Lee
Higginson, Ida Agassiz (Mrs. Henry Lee)
Higginson, Thomas Wentworth
Holland, Arthur
Holland, Harriet Newcomb
Holland, Sara Burgwin (Mrs. Arthur)
Holman, Louis A.
Holmes, Oliver Wendell
Holt, Hamilton B.
Homestead Hotel (Va.)
Hopkins, Frederick M.
Horsford sisters
Hot Springs (Va.)
Hôtel Grande Bretagne (Gr.)
Hotel Ponce de Leon (Fla.)
Houghton Mifflin Co.
Howe, Alice Greenwood (Mrs. George D.)
Howe, Julia Ward
Howe, M. A. DeWolfe
Howells, Mildred
Howells, William Dean
Hughes, Thomas (Tom Brown's School Days)
Hunt, Livingston
Hunt, Richard Morris

Intervale (N.H.)
Ipswich (Mass,)
Irwin family
Isles of Shoals (Me., N.H.) (see also Appledore Island)

Jackson, Helen Hunt
James, Henry
Jamieson, Mr.
Jamieson, Mrs.
Jewett, Caroline Augusta (Mrs. Caroline A. Eastman)
Jewett, Caroline Perry (Mrs. Theodore H.)
Jewett, Charlotte Cross (Mrs. Elisha H.)
Jewett, Elisha Hanson
Jewett family genealogy
Jewett, Mary Rice

Jewett Memorial House
Jewett, Sara


Fictional Characters
Beck, Mary
Blackett, Mrs.
Duke de Sully
Duke of Berwick
Laneway, Hon. Joseph
Leicester, Betty
Martin, Mrs. Abby
Pinkham, Hannah
Prince of Conti
Todd, Almira-
Todd, Joanna

Fictional Locales
Dunnet Landing
Green Island
Shellheap Island
Sussex County


"All My Sad Captains"
"At the Funeral of Phillips Brooks"
"Autumn Holiday, An"
Betty Leicester
Betty Leicester's Christmas
"Birds' Nests"
"Bit of Color, A"
"By the Morning Boat"
Country By-Ways
Country Doctor, A (see also Roman de la Femme Médecin, Le)
Country of the Pointed Firs, The
"Courting of Sister Wisby, The"
"Decoration Day"
Deephaven. -
"Deephaven Cronies"
"Doctors and Patients"
"Dulham Ladies, The"
"Eagle Trees, The"
"Farmer Finch"
"First Sunday in June, The"
"Flight of Betsey Lane, The"
"Four-Leaved Clover, A"
"Girl With the Cannon Dresses, The"
"Gloucester Mother, The"
"Guests of Mrs. Timms, The"
"Hiltons' Holiday, The"
"Jack's Merry Christmas"
"Jacqueminot Rose, The"
"Jour de la Décoration, Le"
"Katy's Birthday"
King of Folly Island and Other People, The
"Lady Ferry"
Letters of Sarah Orne Jewett (Fields)
Life of Nancy, The
"Life of Nancy, The"
"Looking Back on Girlhood"
Marsh Island, A
"Martha's Lady"
Mate of the Daylight, and Friends Ashore, The
"Miss Daniel Gunn"
"Mr. Bruce"
"Mrs. Osgood of Bar Mills"
"Native of Winby, A"
Native of Winby and Other Tales, A.
"Night in June, A"
"October Ride, An"
"Old Doll, The"
Old Friends and New
"Old Town of Berwick, The"
"Only Rose, The"
Play Days
"Protoplasm and House-Cleaning"
"Queen's Twin, The"
Queen's Twin and Other Stories, The
"Quest of Mr. Teaby, The"
Roman de la Femme-Médecin, Le (see also Country Doctor, A)
Roman d'Un Loyaliste, Le (see also Tory Lover, The)
"Shipwrecked Buttons, The"
"Shore House, The"
"Spring Sunday, A"
Stories and Tales
Story of the Normans, The
Strangers and Wayfarers
Tales of New England
"To My Father"
Tory Lover, The (see also Roman d'Un Loyaliste, Le) Verses
"Where's Nora?"
White Heron, A"
White Heron and Other Stories, A

Jewett, Susan Jameson
Jewett, Theodore Furber
Jewett, Theodore Herman
Jewett, William Durham
Johnson, Katharine McMahon (Mrs. Robert U.),
Johnson, Owen McMahon
Johnson, Robert Underwood
Jones, John Paul

Keats, John
Keet, Alfred E.
Kelmscott Press
Killarney (Ire.)
King, Grace Elizabeth
Kipling, Rudyard
Kittery (Me.)
Kittery Point (Me.)

Laighton, Cedric
Laighton, Oscar
Lamb, Rose
Larcom, Lucy
Lear, Edward
Lee, Vernon (see Paget, Violet)
de Lespinasse, Julie
Lincoln, Abraham
Lincoln Park (Chi.)
Little & Brown Co.
Little Boar's Head (N.H.)
Lodge, Mary Greenwood
London (Eng.)
Longfellow, Alice
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Lord, John
Lowell, James Russell
Lucinda, Eldress
Lynch, Patrick

Mabie, Hamilton W.
McClure's Magazine
McCracken, Elizabeth
McDermott, Jessie (see Walcott, Jessie McDermott)
Mace, Eldress Aurelia
De Madrazo, Frédéric
Magnusson, Eirikr
Maiano, (It.)
Maine Sentinel
Manchester-by-the-Sea (Mass.)
Marathon (Gr.)
Marlowe, Julia (Sarah Frances Frost)
Martinsville (Me.)
Mason, Edward T.
Mason, Ellen
Mason, Ida
Mead, Edwin D.
Memorial of the One Hundredth Anniversary of theFounding of Berwick Academy, A
Merriman family
Merriman, Helen Bigelow
Meynell, Alice
Mifflin, George H.
Morris, William
Morse, Edwin W.
Morton, Johnson
Mother's Magazine
Mount Agamenticus (Me.)
Mount Desert (Me.)
Mount Lebanon (NY.)
Mouse Island (Me.)
Mower, Annie E. (Mrs. Irving B.)
Mower, Irving B.
Mulholland, Mary E.
Munsey's Magazine

Nahant (Mass.)
Naples (It.)
Naushon Island (Mass.)
Newburyport (Mass.)
Newcastle (N.H.)
New England
New Englanders
New England Magazine
Newman, Henry Roderick
Newport (R.I.)
Newton (Mass.)
Newton (Mass.) High School
New York (NY.)
New York Herald
New York Tribune
New York University

"Fuff, Fuffy, Fuffitce"
"Miss Prim"
"Piney Lawson"
"Sadie Martinot"

Niles, William Woodruff
North American Review
North Conway (N.H.)
Northeast Harbor (Me.)
North Hampton (N.H.)
Norton, Charles Eliot
Norton, Sara

Ogunquit (Me.)
Oliphant, Margaret
Orne, Sarah
Orr's Island (Me.)
Osgood, James R.
Ossipee (N.H.)

Paestum (It.)
Page, Walter Hines
Paget, Violet (Vernon Lee)
Paradise Spring (Me.)
Paraÿs (Fr.)
Paris (Fr.)
Parthenon (Gr.)
Parkman family
Parkman, Mary Parker (Mrs. Henry)
Peabody, Andrew Preston
Peabody, Caroline Eustis
Perkins, Alice (Mrs. William Hooper)
Perkins, Edith Forbes (Mrs. Charles E.)
Perry, Abigail Gilman
Perry, Bliss
Perry family genealogy
Perry, Frances Fiske
Perry, John T.
Perry, Lucretia Fisk (Mrs. William G.)
Perry, Sarah Chandler (Mrs. John T.)
Perry, William
Perry, William Gilman
Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart (See Ward, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps)
Philadelphia Centennial Exposition of
Pickard, Samuel Thomas
Pierce, Henry L.
Pine Tree State Club
Piscataqua River (N.H.)
Poland Spring (Me.)
Pompeii (It.)
Ponkapog (Mass.)
Portland (Me.)
Portland Transcript
Portrush (Ire.)
Portsmouth (N.H.)
Portsmouth, Dover & York Street Railway
Pratt, Miriam
Preston, Harriet Waters
Pride's Crossing (Mass.)
Proust, Marcel

Quartier (Paris)

Radcliffe College
Ray, Isaac
Raynes, Olive
Reade, Charles

Beacon Street (Susan Burley Cabot)
Brown House (Robert Underwood Johnson)
Charles Street (Annie Fields),
Chateau d'Acosta (Mme. Beaulaincourt)
Crags, The (Thomas BaileyAldrich)
Elmwood (James Russell Lowell)
Gambrel Cottage (Annie Fields).
Lamb House (Henry James)
Liberty Hall (Susan Coolidge)
Otherside (Mary Cabot Wheelwright)
Palmerino, II (Violet Paget)
Quincy mansion (J. Appleton Brown)
Shady Hill (Charles Eliot Norton)
Stonehurst (H elen Bigelow Merriman)
Sunset Hill (Ida Agassiz Higginson)

Review of Reviews
Revue des Deux Mondes
Richards, Laura Elizabeth
Richfield Springs (NY.)
Rideing, William H.
Ritchie, Anne Thackeray
Riverside Magazine for Young Folks
Rochester (N.H.)
Rogers, Mrs.
Rollins, Mrs. Ellen Lord
Rollinsford (N.H.)
Rome (It.)
Rose, Stewart
Rowley (Mass.)
Rye (Eng.)
Rye (N.H.)

Sagadahoc County Fair
St. Augustine (Fla.)
St. Cloud (Fr.)
St. Gratien (Fr.)
St. Nicholas
St. Patrick's Catherdal (Ire.)
St. Teresa
Sainte-Beuve, Charles Augustin
Salmon Falls (N.H.)
Salmon Falls River (N.H.)
Sampson, William T.
Sand, George
San Gervasio (It.)
Saturday Evening Post
Schley, Winfield Scott
Scott, Walter
Scribner's Magazine
Scudder, Grace Owen (Mrs. Horace E.)
Scudder, Horace E.
Scudder, Sylvia C. (Mrs. Ingersoll Bowditch)
Sedgwick, Ellery
de Sévigné, Madame
Shakespeare, William
Shapleigh, Frank Henry
Shapleigh, Mary A. (Mrs. Frank H.)
Shirley (Mass.)
Smith, Elder & Co.
Smith, F. Hopkinson
Smith, Mrs. F. Hopkinson
Smollett, Tobias
de Solms, Count
de Solms, Comte Louis
Somersworth (N.H.)
Somersworth Free Press
South Berwick (Me.), passim
Spofford, Harriet Prescott
Starkey, Jennie O.
Stedman, Arthur G.
Stephen, Leslie
Sterne, Laurence; (A Sentimental journey)
Stevenson, Robert Louis
Stowe, Harriet Beecher; (The Pearl of Orr's Island)
Stuart, Lady Louisa
Sunday Afternoon
Sweet, Sarah O. (pseud., Sarah Orne Jewett)
Swift, Jonathan
Swinburne, Charles Algernon

Tamworth Hills (N.H.)
Tarkington, Booth
Tenants Harbor (Me.)
Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Thackeray, William Makepeace
Thaxter, Celia
Thaxter, John
Thaxter, Mary Stoddard (Mrs. John)
Thompson, Francis
Thunderbolt Hill (Mass.)
Thurber, Samuel
Ticknor, George
Tonic, The (Portland, Me.)
Topsham (Me.)
Townsend, Grace
Trinity Church (Boston)
Tucker, John
Tupper, Frederic Allison
Turner, Ross Sterling
Twain, Mark

United Service
United Service Magazine

Venice (It.)
Victoria, Queen

Walcott, Jessie McDermott (Mrs. Charles H.)
Walden, Mrs. Treadwell (see Gordon, Grace)
Walden, Treadwell
Walworth, Ella
Ward, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
Ward, Hetta Lord Hayes
Ward, Mrs. Humphry
Ward, Nathaniel
Ward, Susan Hayes
Ward, William Hayes
Warner, Charles Dudley
Warner, Mrs. Charles Dudley
Washington, D.C.
Waters, Thomas Franklin
Watkin, Elizabeth
Weber, Clara C., & Carl J. (SOJ Bibliography)
Wells (Me.)
Wells Beach (Me.)
West Indies
West Manchester (Mass.)
Western Reserve Historical Society
Wharton, Edith
Wheelwright family
Wheelwright, Mary Cabot
Whipple, Edwin P.
Whitby (Eng.)
White, C. H. (see Chaplin, Heman White)
White Mountains (N.H.)
Whitman, Sarah Wyman
Whitman, Walt
Whitney, Mr.
Whittier, John Greenleaf
Wickham, Gertrude V.
Wide Awake
Wild, Miss
Wingate, Charles E. L.
Winslow, Helen M.
Wodehouse, Mrs. Eleanor Arnold
Wonalancet (N.H.)
Wood, John George
Woodbury, Charles
Woodbury, Marcia
Woolsey, Sarah C. (Susan Coolidge)
Worcester (Mass.)
Wordsworth, Dorothy
Wordsworth, William
Wormeley, Katharine Prescott

Yale Review
York (Me.)
York County (Me.)
York Harbor (Me.)
Youth's Companion

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