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Correspondence of Sarah Orne Jewett

Published Collections

Letters of Sarah Orne Jewett, edited by Annie Fields, 1911
Review by Annie Russell Marble

Jewett to Mellen Chamberlain, John Alden, 1957

Jewett to Louise Imogen Guiney, William Lucey, 1959

Jewett to Anna Laurens Dawes, C. Carroll Hollis, 1968

Jewett to Whittier, Richard Cary, 1971

Jewett to Dresel: 33 Letters, Richard Cary, 1975

Letters to Theophilus Parsons, 1872-1881

Sarah Orne Jewett Letters, edited by Richard Cary, 1967

Letters to Sarah Orne Jewett

from William Dean Howells
from Celia Thaxter
from Sarah Wyman Whitman
from John Greenleaf Whittier

Parsons, The Professor's Letters

Annie Fields and Sarah Orne Jewett in Fields's library at 148 Charles Street.
Below:  a corner of the library
Source:  M. A. DeWolfe Howe, Memories of a Hostess. (1922)