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Editor's Request for Corrections and Suggestions:
     When I took on this project, I had little conception of the quantity of annotation that would seem necessary and interesting. You will find a significant number of notes about which I am uncertain, and you may well find notes in which I am in error. Please feel welcome to participate in the improvement of this site by sending me corrections or confirmations of any of the materials here about which you have information. Anyone who contributes to these notes will receive credit in the notes. And anyone who points out other problems or errors at this site will receive credit as well. Contact: theller at coe dot edu.

     Such a large project would be impossible without much assistance of all kinds. I am greatly indebted to these helpers: the staff of the Newberry Library, especially John Aubrey, Hjordis Halvorson, and John Brady; the staff of Stuart Memorial Library at Coe College, especially Linda Bloedel, Harlene Hansen, and Betty Rogers - a national treasure in reference. Carla Zecher helped with French language and culture. Gabe Heller put in a lot of sweat helping to prepare the text. Finally, the Associated Colleges of the Midwest supported this work in several ways, most substantially with a fellowship at the Newberry Library, which Coe College graciously allowed me to accept.

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