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  Sarah Orne Jewett Diary 1869.

Houghton Library: Series: III. bMS Am 1743.26: Diaries, financial agreements, and miscellany.
    (4) [Diary.] A.MS.s.; [v.p.] 1 Jan - 31 Dec 1869.. 66s.(128p.)

Transcription by Terry and Linda Heller, Coe College, with assistance from Kelly Sanders.

Published by permission of the Houghton Library, Harvard University.
Citation of this material requires the use of its call number (in blue above) and "By permission of the Houghton Library, Harvard University."

Layout description.

This calendar diary provides pages of about 6.75 x 4 inches, with three days on each page, forcing Jewett to confine herself to a few inches for each day.  Therefore, it is not unusual for her to add material in the margins.

Notes on the Transcription

We have tried to reproduce Jewett’s text so it is reasonably close to its appearance in her manuscript.  We have left without comment what appear to be her errors.  The reader may expect, therefore, to encounter the following regular irregularities:

- Jewett’s use of the apostrophe is inconsistent.
- Jewett often extends her periods and sometimes her commas, so they appear as dashes.  We have rendered these as dashes.
- Jewett often leaves out end punctuation.

Notes within the transcription.

[ blue ] = text Jewett inserted.
[ black? ] = a guess at ambiguous text.
[ black ] = editorial observations, comments, notes and headings.
* = annotated item, or an item to be annotated.  This text is not fully annotated.  Assistance is welcome.


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Notes on Jewett's writing

Of some special interest in this diary is Jewett's account of her writing and publishing in 1869.  After the diary below, we have appended extracts of the main entries she records about her writing, making it easy to review this somewhat remarkable aspect of her diary.


[Inside Cover in Jewett's handwriting]

Sarah Orne Jewett.

Cincinnati O.

January 9th 1869.

Title pages  [graphic here and also a blanked out sample page]

Daily Entries

Friday, January 1, 1869.

If all the New Year is to be like this day!  Yah!  It was foggy & horrid & I was blue.  Of course I didn’t go out.  We “receivd calls" and had a number, mostly people I hadn’t the least interest in.  Read Kingsleys “Water Babies" aloud & we enjoyed that!

Saturday 2

In the evening Aunt Sarah & Uncle John went to teachers meeting & I kept house.  Read “Broken to Harness," a very good novel, very sad, which suits me.  Aunt Sarah went down town & I walked down South St to Central Ave & all round it rained --

Sunday 3

Went to church, Sunday School & afternoon & evening prayer meeting   What a moral girl I am getting to be!  It was a warm, lovely day.  The snow drifts are over the fences at home!  Saw all the girls.  Wrote Mary a long letter.  Went to the Bethel. [Saw?] Miss Davis

Monday, January 4, 1869.

Took my drawing lesson in the morning  Finished my picture.  Miss Coffin who was there with me is very [like?] Emma Carruth    We got quite thick and went & lunched together.  I got a lovely picture of two nuns with Easter flowers.  Had a letter from Mary.  Anna Fox in there!  Dear old girl it makes me blue --

Tuesday 5

Aunt Sarah and I went to Walnut Hills  lunched with Mrs Newport & Mrs Rochester.  Had a jolly time there & then walked over to E. Walnut Hills & stayed a while with Mrs [Carret?]      Came down by the “stone steps" wh. are very curious.  Got some queer fossils.  Spent the evening down at Mrs Davis.  Went to Mrs Howes’  Played euchre.  

Wednesday 6

Aunt Sarah went out in the morning & when she came in it looked so pleasant I started out for a little walk.  But it was [not or hot?] & so I didn’t go far or enjoy myself much.  Miss Houston was in.  I went to church  in the evening.  Cicely Burt was there.  I was frightfully lazy all day.  Finished Broken to Harness.

[A jolly letter from Mary & all at home]

Thursday, January 7, 1869.

A most delightful day.  Especially for [Jan. ?]    I went over the new Hospital.  Saw Dr Freeman.  Walked to Covington & actually had to take the shady side of the street, it was so hot.  Had a charming talk, call & walk with Maggie Baker, who is a [maj'?] girl.  I whistled for Aunt Sarah in the evening.  The Hatch's were here.

Friday 8

Went down to take my lesson.  Was early for the first time!  It rained & I came straight home, after getting some candy  wh I havent done before for weeks!  I went to Mrs McLarens to a ch. social & enjoyed myself with my dear “little Shaffer" & Cicely Burt whom I like exceedingly.  She gave us a very amusing account of her convent life

Saturday 9

Didn’t go out.  It being cold & rainy, read Macauley’s Essays on Montgomerys Poems & on Mme  D'Arblay & [illegible] his Lays of Ancient Rome.*  Also some of C Lambs* writings & a little in several other books.  Not a very improving or exciting day to me.

Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859) is the author of Lays of Ancient Rome (1846).  His essay on the poet Robert Montgomery appears in Critical and Historical Essays vol. 1 (1825).  His essay on The Diary and Letters of  Madame d'Arblay (Frances Burney) appeared in 1843.]

Sunday, January 10, 1869.

Went down [illegible] to Sunday School.  Cicely Burt came over & sat with [illegible].  I like her.  Went to church & to the prayer meeting in the afternoon.  Sat by Cicely Burt.  Read & [illegible].   didn't go to church in the evening.

Monday 11

Went down & took my lesson and came home & wrote most of the afternoon & evening.  Had a letter from Mary & Father & all.  I am so sorry to miss Anna’s visit   The name of my story was “ An Apology "  It was a horrid day.

Tuesday 12

It rained very hard and snowed.  I went to Mr. Page’s with Aunt Sarah, to the reading club.  Had a splendid supper & good time.  My story was received with great applause. M. De Golyes came home with us.  I went down town in the morning.

[Cicely Burt came to see me    I was so sorry not to see her]
Wednesday, January 13, 1869.

Went to Covington about two.  Eat cookies & talked all the afternoon.  Had dinner & went to church (Episcopal).  Enjoyed the service very much.  We sat up a good while & had fun.   Maggie played very nicely for me in the afternoon   We slept together & had a nice talk.

[Letter from Mary & Carrie]

Thursday 14

Got up & had breakfast between eight & nine, & then we walked round the house & garden a little & went up stairs and I read some of Lucile to Amy & Kate.  Came over & Maggie with me about 3.  I left her and when I got up to the house I had to wait 2 hours for they were out

Friday 15

Went down to take my lesson.  It rained very hard.  Commenced a new picture   Went to Mr. Bakers Store & wrote [an?] note to send to Maggie.  Came home and wrote to Grandpa, & Anna Fox & Vattie Gates & Dana McAlpine.  Read Jean Ingelow* aloud to Aunt Sarah in the evening

Saturday, January 16, 1869.

Read a little in the morning & in the afternoon met Maggie Baker & went to see Mrs Lander play Marie Antoinette*.  It was almost too real & too touching.  I always had a great affection for the poor king & this was so real.  Had a charming letter from Ella Walworth.  The dear girl is in Paris

Sunday 17

Didn’t go to Sunday School but went to church and in the afternoon to the Sunday School prayer meeting.  Dr Ballard spoke very impressively.  Dr Nelsons sermon in the morning was very fine.  I wrote Ella W. & Carrie.  Went to church with Mr Stevens.  Mr Hubbard was here.

Monday 18

Went to Miss Richardsons as usual   It snowed & was disagreeable.  I went to a photograph store where I laid in a large supply “as usual" --  Met Maggie & we went to the art gallery and [illegible deletion] “Songs of Other Days" which is a most [expressive?] picture.  I shall always remember it so I won’t describe it.  Had a letter from Mary.  Went out with Mrs Howe --

Tuesday, January 19, 1869.

Went downtown to do some errands & to my great delight met [illegible] Cicely.  Stayed with her till five o’clock.  She came up & made me a call and I went to her grandmothers door with her.  Mrs Major Burt was with her part of the time.  I did enjoy my self most exceeding.  Dressed myself regardless of expense & went to Miss Kelloggs concert in the evening.  Saw the beauty & fashion of Cincinnati & enjoyed the concert though not so much as [Parefas?].

Wednesday 20

Most beautiful weather now.  More like May than Jan -- Aunt Sarah & I called at Mrs Judge Whitmans & the Sibley’s and Mrs [Guitermann’s?] & the Chickerings & [to?] Davis' who were not in --  Met Mrs [Carret?] on the street. Went to see Cicely Burt.  They have a very fine collections of paintings and she took us to the greenhouse which I enjoyed.  We went down to the art gallery to see “Songs of Other Days "  Saw Mrs Hall Miss Smith, & some others --

Thursday 21

Mended stockings & gloves & sewed buttons on my boots. Had a letter from Mary. Didn’t go out till late when I went down town with Maggie Baker. We had some lunch. Mrs Southworth & Mrs De Golyes called. I read “Silvio Pelligo" & "Gold Elsie"* which last in a German novel

Friday, January 22, 1869.

Miss Richardsons in the morning.  Finished my drawing.  Mrs Davis here when I came home.  Went to the Church social in the afternoon & evening.  Had a stunning spread and a very good time. Every one was there almost.  It was at a Miss Breed’s who was sick.  Wore my black silk suit.  A Mr Gibbs afforded us great amusement.  Cicely wore a grey corded silk & looked like a beauty.  I love her dearly --

Saturday 23

Read a while and at one o’clock went down to meet Maggie.  We went to the Theatre again to see Mrs Lander whom I admire very much.  She played Queen Elizabeth.  I enjoyed it all.  We walked a little while & then I walked home.  Stopped at the Shaffers a minute on the way.  I went to church with Aunt Sarah in the eve.  After ward we went up to the choir meeting & I had a pleasant hour with Cicely.

Sunday 24

A perfect day.  I went to church & Sunday School in the morning.  My dear Cicely came back & sat with me part of the time in Sunday School.  An old Mr Bullard  preached a nice sermon. In the afternoon I met Cicely & went [illegible] Cathedral with her to the vesper service.  It was very impressive.  Sat by her at the prayer m[eeting?] after wards.

Monday, January 25, 1869.

Letter from Mary & from Grace Gordon    Lesson in the Am.  Got mad & stayed up in my room an hour or two after I came home.  bit my lip & my hand  guess I was crazy!  Mrs Hatch & Mrs Campbell here to dine.  & Mrs Davis who came up for me to go & [lunch?] with her at the boarding house wh. I did

Tuesday 26

Mrs Moulton came in to see Mrs D just after breakfast.  I came away at 12.  Called on Miss Houston.  & then went, [without?] Aunt S. to the Club at Mrs Southworths.  Had a pretty good time.  Read aloud in "P. Strongs outing" by Mrs Whitney.*  Good supper.  Debate in the e'g --

Wednesday 27

Walked down town with Uncle John   Walked to Covington.  Spent most of the day there, had a good lunch & walked home.  Kate Scudder accompanying me, & walked up & down the street making 6 or 7 miles!  Went to church in the e'g.  C.B. wasnt there.

Thursday, January 28, 1869.

Mrs Gunnison & Mrs Carret & Mrs Judge Taft called.  I had a letter from home.  I was very tired.  I mustn't walk so again.  I read most of "Under Two Flags" by "Ouida."*  Laid on the sofa in Aunt Sarahs room.  Wrote Min & Mary long letters.

Friday 29

Went down to take my lesson but felt sick and couldn't do much   Miss Richardson was particular kind.  Mrs. Judge Taft called. I finished "Under Two Flags" which is a very powerful novel.  Read part of Stevens "Hist of Methodism "*

Saturday 30

Didn't go down town or out.  Cleared up my trunk & my two drawers.   I sewed on a button & mended my boots.  Finished "Patience Strongs Outings" wh. is rather spoony.*  Looked over a bound volume of Harpers Weekly which I hadnt seen since I was a child.  Mrs Smith called.  Dr Freeman called -- didn't see him 

Sunday, January 31, 1869.

Went to church three times. Sunday School morning service & Sunday School prayer meeting.  Didn't see Cicely which grieved me very much.  Wrote Mary & Mary Hayes in the PM.  Only Uncle John went to church in the eveg -- I read some hymns & Eugenie Guerines letters.*

Monday, February 1

Walked down with Uncle John who took me through the cross streets.  Drew as usual.  Lunched at Kepplers.  Went up to [Hays?] and bought some Malaga's.  Went down to see Cicely Burt and to my great joy she was at home.  Had such a nice time.  I read "Methodism".  D. Williams called.  Letters from Mary   Read "When shall he first tell"?*

Tuesday 2

Rainy.  Painted "Teach me thy way O Lord" for Aunt Sarah.  & then read and did nothing till dinner time.  Uncle John was very funny.  Mr Williams came for me & I went to the Sibleys to practice our farce "Ici on parle Francais" which comes off Tuesday.  Capital thing hope I shall have my [lines?]  

Wednesday, Februrary 3, 1869.

Mended stockings, sewed on buttons and sewed.  Wrote to Mary   Not a very charming day -- Didnt go to church in the evening.  Read aloud to Aunt Sarah from Jean Ingelow & Tennyson

Thursday 4

didnt go out.  and I think nobody was in.  I read and wrote a little   Had a letter from Minnie Fiske   It is funny [we?] should have written the same time after so long silence.  Letter from Mary

Friday 5

Went down to draw.  Met Aunt Sarah & we went to see the Longworth house & to call on Mrs Montgomery  Rochester & Mrs Darling.  & Mrs Hinkle.  Then to the Soc. at Mrs Chickerings for some [work?], & to Mrs Hedwicks & home.  Read Vathek aloud.*

Saturday, February 6, 1869.

This is a Red Letter day.  I went down to Clarks to meet Aunt Sarah and she came with Mrs Judge Taft & Miss Crossette, and Mrs Dr Williams.  And we went to look at some splendid [engravings?], some Madonnas and others which were very rare & expensive.  I feel as if I had learned a great deal and there was no end to the enjoyment of it.  I wish I had a "Bella Visconti "  It was such an exquisite face.  I bought her etchings.  Saw Miss [Howe?].  Mrs & Dr Nelson & Mrs Keith & Miss Breck called & Miss Crossette.

Sunday 7

Went to church alone at 11   Dr Nelson preached an "Exquisite" Sermon.  On the angels, "ministering spirit."  Nodded at Cicely but didn't speak to her.  Read Bryan Maurice a high church novel.  Went to S.S. prayer meeting.  & sat with Ella  Shaffer.  "Love" Burt gave me a note from my dear Cicely, which had no special news in it but which pleased me very much to think she thought of me.

Monday 8

Took my lesson in the morning.  & hurried home, buying some candy at the Frenchwomans on the way.  Went to the Sibleys in the evening to practise, but they were not all there so we didn't.  I like Mollie ever so much   I had a real good time

Tuesday, February 9, 1869.

Didnt go out.  read Nadine & George Sands "Fauchon."*  Went to Mary Sibbeys in the evening to the club -- Had a jolly supper & a [may?] time.  I took the part of Anna Maria in the play "Ici on parle Francais" which we [illegible]   I read aloud.  D.W. came home with me

Wednesday 10

Went down town with Mrs De Golyes who I met on the way -- bought some blue chambray.  for the Calico party.  Mr & Mrs Church here to dine.  I went to church & teachers meeting.  Didn't see Cicely or any one to send a note by, which I had written

Thursday 11

I had a splendid letter from Mary who has been in Boston.  Aunt Sarah went down town.  Mrs Davis was in a while.  I sewed till evening   Mrs Whitman & Miss [Eils?] called.  I went to Mrs Dr Howes to tea.  Aunt Sarah came around in the evening.  Played euchre.  Wanted to see Cicely

Friday, February 12, 1869.

Took my drawing lesson in the am   Saw Mrs Judge Whitman & Miss E. at the market.  took my watch to be mend[ed.]   went shopping a little with Aunt Sarah after my lesson.  Sewed all the P.m.  Went to Miss Smiths to tea.  She knows Camilla also.  had a very nice time

Saturday 13

Mrs Howe was in  in the morning.  I sewed most all day only I went for my boot.  Aunt Sarah went to dancing School & I wanted to but denied my self.  Wanted Cicely to come all day but she didn't.  Uncle John & I talked in the P.m.  Misses Keith call[ed.]

Sunday 14    

Went to church in the morning.  Saw Cicely just a minute.  It rained very hard.  Wrote Carrie in the morning & Grace Gordon in the P.m.  Went to S.S. prayer meeting.  Cicely sat with me & went to walk with me after ward.  I do love her best of anyone here in the whole city.  "Happy day "  [Church in the ev'g [illegible]  home with Mrs Hayes] [illegible] letter from Mary.

Monday, February 15, 1869.

Went down town with Aunt Sarah & did considerable shopping beside having my dress fitted.  Came home & did nothing but sew till eleven o'clock.  I was so tired!--  Didn't see any one down town that I knew.  I got my watch & eye glasses both of which I had broken.  Didn't get to paint.

Tuesday 16

Finished my dress in the morning & was heartily glad of it.  Lots of people called in the afternoon.  We went to the Shaffers at 7 1/2 & to my joy I was next Cicely in the omnibus   "The Calico surprise party at Mrs Howes at Mt Auburn" was charming.  The dresses were very [nice?].  I was happy because I was with C.B.  Every body was very kind & I was very well attended to.  Danced every dance --

Wednesday 17

Waked up pretty tired.  It rained very hard   Aunt Sarah went down town to a committee meeting & I was sitting alone in the dining room writing Mary when my dear darling Cicely Burt came to see me.  How I do love that girl!  I wish she would like me.  She stayed nearly three hours.  I went to church at night   And nice letters from Mary & Carrie --

Thursday, February 18, 1869.

It snowed and was very muddy & cold & disagreeable.  Mrs [Irwin?] & Miss Kelly who I like very well came in and I went down in the car with them and went most home with Miss Kelly.  Then walked to Covington & was nearly blown away   Found them glad to see me.  Went to Church & being strongly urged  stayed all night   Slept with Maggie & had a jolly talk but didnt go to sleep till nearly six

Friday 19

Waked up about eight oclock tired about to death. Had breakfast & walked over with Mr Baker Went to Beckford's for brushes & paints and to Miss Richardson [to paint] [illegible] a card plate to Shepley & Smiths. walked home. Copied Bills of Shandon* for Cicely Mary Sibley & Mary Hastings here. I was real glad to see them & we had a good time

Saturday 20

O!  This was the dearest day.  I went down town and up to Cicely's at 12.  We stayed in the greenhouse an hour and when we went in the house we had a great frolick -- Mr Hooper & Love and Kate and I.  Love & Kate are just sweet -- Cicely & I walked over to Covington and went to Maggies and then to Newport.   bought some peanuts on our way home and eat them coming across the bridge.  Went to the Lent service at St. Paul.  had a jolly time in at Miss Callie  Robertsons & her sister, Miss McLean and Mrs. [illegible.]

Sunday, February 21, 1869.

Finished my letter home which I commenced last night and wrote a note to Cicely.  Went down to church in the car with Miss Squire.  Cicely & Love were at the register.  Aunt Sarah had a headache & didn't go --  Dr Nelson preached splendidly.  Mary Sibley & James came home with us after church.  Dr Freeman was in --

Monday 22

Took my lesson in the morning   Went to Kepplers to lunch and back & painted in the P.m -- went to the Irwins in the eve.  Miss Kelly was [not?] there.  Stoopid!  Aunt Sarah & I waited up for Uncle John & had a jolly talk.  Eat a black walnut

Tuesday 23

It rained.  I drew in the morning.  A dogs head & a very good copy in pen & ink of Beatrice Cenci.*  Went to Mrs DeGolyes to the club in the eve    Jolly Supper.  I was president pro temp.  D.W. came home with me

Wednesday, February 24, 1869.

Miss Kelly & Miss Howe were in.  Went to Church in the evening but didnt stay to teachers meeting.  Nobody of the girls there but Shaffer & M Hastings   Wrote home.

Thursday 25

Sewed a little and finished my letter.  And after lunch, went to the Sibleys and stayed all the afternoon.  Looked at Molly's photographs   Had a real nice time.  Had as splendid letter from Carrie & Father.  Read "Republican court" aloud *

Friday 26

Painted in the morning.  In the P.m. I went to the sewing concern at the church and sewed all the afternoon   Aunt Sarah came & then we went to the Sibleys & had a pleasant call   I read "Great Expectations" in the evening  Aunt Sarah went to bed early   

Saturday, February 27, 1869.

Went down town with Uncle John   Went to Cicely's and invited her to go to the theatre with me to see Scott Siddons play "As You Like It *  Which she did.  Also Miss Kate and Mrs. Major Burt.  Had a jolly time.  Lunched at the B's.  Horrid cold day.

Sunday 28

Went to church in the morning & that was all.  Saw Love Burt, Kates [illegible].  [Dr.?] Nelson preached.  I wrote home.  It was very cold indeed.  Went to church in the eve with Dr Freeman.  Miss H. & Mollie Hastings were in at noon  

Monday, March 1

Got a letter from home.  Went to paint & came home & went in to Cicely's where I enjoyed myself very much.  We stayed in the greenhouse most of the time & Love was with us -- Cicely had been sitting up all night with her Father   She gave me a nice note.

Tuesday March 2, 1869.

I walked to Covington.  Had a jolly time   I went up on the roof with Kate [B?] & tore my dress which was only my due!  Had a jolly lunch.  [Mag or Mary?] had a dressmaker   I went to church & stayed only [through?] the [sermon?].

Wednesday 3

Didn’t go out for I kept coughing so.  I read and mended my stockings & some for Aunt Sarah.  She went to a meeting.  It commenced snowing which destroyed my peace of mind entirely.  Meant to go and see Molly Hastings but didn't.

Thursday 4

Didn’t go out on account of my cold.  Read Holcomes "Literature in Letters "*  Sat by the stove most all day.  Mrs Howe was in   & the two [Mr. or Mrs.?] Hinkle's   I went to bed very early indeed   Aunt Sarah was out all day --  Letter from home

[Note: Literature in letters (1866) by James Philemon Holcombe (1820-1873).]

Friday, March 5, 1869.

Started down to see Cicely and met her coming to see me.  She stayed a while and then I walked down with her.  Got a [book?] from home with a lovely new grey & blue walking [illegible] in it.  They are so kind to me.

Saturday 6

Frightfully cold.  I went down town shopping.  Had a charming letter from Ella Walworth who is travelling in Italy.  Wrote her and Carrie.  Read some of Christie Johnstone.*  Sew'd the trimming on my new petticoat.  Eat peanuts.  Went out for Uncle John.

Sunday 7

Church in the morning.  Walked a little way with Love Burt.  Read "Story of  Elizabeth  " Church in the afternoon.  Love Burt walked up Seventh St with me.  In the evening I read.   & wrote

[Uncle John was sick]
Monday, March 8, 1869.

Went down to paint & after that into Mrs Bakers where I met Maggie to my great surprise.  I went shopping with her & then she came up with me & made a long call.  I went down town with her again & then went to Dr. Howe's about my tooth.  I had a charming time with Mrs Howe.

Tuesday 9

Went to Dr Howe's & was there a long while.  He hurt me shockingly, but finally I was through.  I went down town for a tassel I had ordered & then home & got ready for the club where I had a very good time.  It was at Mrs De B[ers?].  They had some fine paintings.  I read Mr [Barkis's?] courtship from Oliver Twist -- aloud --  [It rained awfully]   [d.w. came home with me.?]

Wednesday 10

Tried my dress.  Mrs Howe was in  in the morning.  I sewed.  Aunt Sarah fixed the book --  In the evening they went to church  & I stayed alone.  & wrote home & to Frank Fiske.  Uncle John & I had a great frolic after supper ----

Thursday, March 11, 1869.

Went down to Cicely Burts.  She was at Mrs Robertson's & I went over.  & had a jolly time   C. showed me Mrs R's jewelry which is exquisite.  Before I went there I went to see the confiscated books & met Mrs Hall & Mrs Keith.  Cicely asked me to lunch at Kepplers & we went to see the books again.  Then she & Mrs Robertson came up to 9th St.  [E Hatch?] came over & we went to the book auction in the evening --

Friday 12

Went down & took my lesson in the morning.  I enjoyed it very much   Came right home & went to make a few calls at this end of the town.  De B[ers'?] & Page & Palmer & Emerson & [illegible].  Read  in the evening.  Was half sick with the awful cold I took yesterday

Saturday 13

We went with Aunt Sarah to the Womens Christian Asson rooms & then to call on Mrs Davis at the Spencer House and to do some errands & then to Covington to the Hatch's & Keiths & Bakers.  Lunch at the Hatch's.

[A Lovely day  --  Crocuses in bloom.]
Sunday, March 14, 1869.

Went to Church in the morning.  Cicely was waiting for me.  I sat with Love & Kate Burt.  Aunt Sarah forgot the key & E. H. & I went to Miss Houston's to wait while she went down to the office.  Went to the cathedral to vespers in the afternoon & to church afterward all with Cicely.  Wore my grey dress

Monday  15

Painted in the morning though I was half sick.  Went up to Cicelys with the umbrella.  I am so fond of that girl!  Gave her A. L.  we sat on the floor together.  Aunt Sarah was gone all day at the Home.  I had

Tuesday 16

Aunt Sarah & Kate were down at the Home all day & evening.  Uncle John & I dined on raw oysters.  I had a good time.  Alice Hatch was here and Mrs. I. Davis.  I read "Alfred Hayworth Househall"* & wrote home & some other thing.

Wednesday, March 17, 1869.

27th anniversary of Mother['s] wedding day.  I went to the Sibleys to call on Miss Hubbell.  I went upstairs & had a good time in Mrs Sibleys room.  Went down to Cicelys but she had gone out into the country.

Thursday 18

Grandpa came before we were up in the morning.  We half expected him yet were rather surprised.  I went down to Mrs Dr Howes to sleep.  This was the night of the calico party at Mrs Coe['s] to wh. we were invited.

Friday 19

Finished my picture at Miss R's & then went up to Cicelys.  Saw her & Love & had a sad talk with Cicely.  Oh Dear Me!!  I wish something could be made over!  She was half sick.  I am so sorry to think of going away.

Saturday, March 20, 1869.

Didn’t go out.  Grandpa was quite sick all day.  I did go out on this street for a little way to a store  --  Mrs Dr Howe was here in the evening & Dr Freeman & Mrs Stewart in the afternoon.  I read "Aurora Leigh" & "Wilhelm Meister "*

Sunday 21

Aunt Sarah didn’t go to Church. I did & had a talk with Cicely who was sick & had come out of Sunday School   I came home & lunched & went down and met Love Burt & we went to the Cathedral to vespers, & afterward to her Grand[mothers?] to prayer meeting.  Read "Wilhelm Meister "  Dr Howe was in  in the evening --

Monday 22

It rained very hard all day   I went to the Shakespeare Act in the evening with Dr Freeman   [That was fun.?]  We had a lunch afterward.   he bought a lot of candy --

Tuesday, March 23, 1869.

Went down town & to see Mrs Richardson & shopping a little. Then Aunt Sarah & I made 8 calls and I went to Mrs [Sims?] House to the Club & had a jolly supper & a splendid time and a dance afterward.

Wednesday 24

Wrote home -- Stayed at home in the evening with Grandpa while the others went to [illegible].  Read “Bride of Lammermoor [."]  Was tired & stupid --

Thursday 25

It rained very hard but still I went over to Covington. they seemed glad to see me. We played Chequers and talked and sang in the evening. [Maggie?] was sewing in the third story --

Friday, March 26, 1869.

In the evening Miss [Cleon?] Spenser & Mr Reed came in.  & we had a real frolic. Miss [Cleon?] sang beautifully. I had a letter from Ella  bless her dear little heart --  I also had a letter from Mary & Aunty

Saturday 27

Went to the church [3 illegible words] & to walk   Came over [in?] town with Kate Scudder   went to the Synagogue and then to the Cathedral and then up to the house & then to lunch  then to see Cicely and then back again & then saw the Hatch's   Walked down town with Mrs [illegible name].

Sunday 28

[Mr Carter was over to tea] Went to church in the morning The music was lovely and the Sermon very fine. Wrote Ella & Grace & Mary. Went to the confirmation in the evening. It was very solemn. The old bishop was there & some of his remarks were very touching --

Monday, March 29, 1869.

Mr Carter came over bringing me a great paper of candy for a [illegible]. We went over in town & walked [2 illegible words]  to [Shilleto's?] & Nights & Bonte's.  Then we met Mrs J. Carter & Mrs [illegible name]    went over the [illegible]  & then came right back -- [Went?] into Mrs Abbots in the evening.  Letter from Mary

Tuesday March 30

It was a little colder but still very pleasant.  I read a little of Lucile aloud & Rose Clark* and a Sunday School book.  Went out with Kate Scudder in the afternoon.  Played Chequers in the evening with Mrs Baker.   Maggie & I talked all the morning --

Wednesday 31

Went over to town in the morning & Aunt Sarah and I went to some openings and then to Mt Auburn calling.  Mrs [Holdens?] & Mrs Judge Taft's and lots of others.  I went over to see Kate Burt at her school.  I wanted to be alone & have a talk with her but the [illegible] was [2 illegible words.]  Aunt Sarah meant to stay while I was [illegible]  -- so she went with me so I [2 illegible words] have a talk with her now.  Walked to Covington and went to church in the evening.

Thursday,  April 1, 1869.

I don't think I went out.  Miss [Clem?] Spenser & Miss Betty [Stemson?] were in -- And we were shouting across half the afternoon.  Maggie took a nap.  I read Lucile.

Friday  2

[Went to see Miss Richardson ] Missed Mrs Taft [illegible punctuation] & Mrs Nourse's call in the afternoon for which I was very sorry.  We called at Mrs Orems and Miss Anne's & Mrs McClarens.  & Mrs Judge Whitman's -- Went to hear Anna Dickinson in the ev'g[. ]   Was very sorry to leave Covington.

Saturday 3

Went to ride with Dr Freeman in the afternoon to Mt Auburn & Avondale and Clifton & Spring grove.  He gave me a box of candy and had a fast horse.  [Mr & Mrs?] De [Bers?] called.  It was not cold --

Sunday, April 4, 1869.

Church in the morning.  Saw Cicely & she gave me a lovely plain gold ring to remember her by.  I had rather have it than anything for I shall always have it with me.  Went to the cathedral for the last time.  Kate was there & Cicely & Fanny and Love   I do love Kate so.  I met [illegible name] & she played for me.  Then meeting & I went back to the Burts to tea & then to [illegible name] in the [ev?].   I never will forget what Kate said while she was sitting in my lap.  Bless her.  Cicely & J Sibley walked home with me.   The Whitmans were in -- C. put my ring on.

Monday 5

Was down town all day.  Said goodbye to Mrs Howe & Mr Baker and Miss Nourse & Mary Sibley.  Got some little things.  Finished my packing.  Miss [Eils?] came in & Mrs Whitman & then my dear Cicely & when she said she must go I put on my things & went with her.  We stopped at the Sibleys.  It was one of the saddest times I have ever [known?] to say goodbye to her, for I never will see her again.  Started at eight from Cincinnati.

Tuesday 6

Didn't sleep much and nothing very exciting happened   I enjoyed looking at the Lake and when I got to Niagara at 3 I enjoyed myself enough to last a month.  We went to the Canada side in a carriage & I walked down to the Rapids after tea.  Wrote some letters after I got home --

Wednesday, April 7, 1869.

Grandpa waked me up about [four? five?] and we started in the dark.  The ride that day was very tiresome for there was nothing to see.  We got to Little Falls at two and I liked them very much.  Kitty Richmond is very like Anna Fox -- we went to bed early -- next to water

Thursday 8

We went to Mrs Allan Richmond to spend the day   I had a good time.  The scenery is splendid.  Kitty & I have real good times together   We went & had some tintypes taken --------

Friday 9

Went out in the morning & then to Mrs [Eils?] to dine.  Had a pretty good time. The relations all came to Cousin Ursula's to tea and we sang & had a good time in the evening.  The snow was just going away [and it seemed funny?] to see any

Saturday, April 10, 1869.

Started very early in the morning and enjoyed the ride down by the Hudson and the view of the Catskills.  & after I got into the Berkshire Hills.  Got to Aunt Sophia's about 3   She was very glad to see us   It is a beautiful place right among the mountains.  [illegible] --

Sunday 11

Didn't go to Church in the morning but did in the afternoon: -- over at Housatonic.  Monument mountain is just opposite the town.*  But it is such a lonely place   I didn't go out except to Church

Monday 12

Miss Olds & I went to the woods but they were all full of snow and we walked round a while & came home.  In the P.m. I rode over to Stockbridge "Plains" which is a beautiful old fashioned village.  I went to the Sedgewick & Indian camping grounds ----

Tuesday, April 13, 1869.

In the morning went down to Housatonic to a writing paper factory which was very interesting.  In the P.m. I walked round the place and talked to Aunt Sophia and packed my clothes --

Wednesday 14

Started very early and spend an hour at Pittsfield.  Got to Boston at a little before five & found dear old Anna waiting for me.  Grandpa went to the other depot and A. & I went to Mrs. Gordon's where Mary was.  I was so glad to see her & them.  And perfectly happy when I got home --  at 9 oclock

Thursday 15

Went out to drive in the afternoon   Saw Mrs Doe.  Father went back at night.  He was so good to come up from Brunswick.  I never saw a [dog?] that had [illegible] man like Joe --    It is so nice to be home --  Wrote a lot of letters --

Friday, April 16, 1869.

Went to [two illegible words] with Mary after [dinner?].  Mrs Doe came in with Perley -- and Miss Mary came too & Chas. Lord.  after they went away I went into Grandma's -- I was so glad to see Miss Mary.  She liked my picture ever so much   C. Goodwin & L  Lord came in

Saturday 17

Annie Barker came to see me.  Mary & I got ready to go up to Mrs Hayes, but it rained and we put it off till evening, when we had a very pleasant call there and at Mrs Hobbs. Read "John Wms sermons-----"

Sunday 18

Went to church all day.  Mr Hayward preached finely in the afternoon  --  Saw lots of people.  Wrote Aunt Sarah

Monday, April 19. 1869.

I am just feeling the Effects of my family and was very tired   Carrie joined Cousin Charles at the depot and went to Brunswick for a visit   Mary and I went over with her

Tuesday 20

Letter from Kitty Richmond.  Letter from Carrie saying she got down there safely.  Mr & Mrs Hayward were in

Wednesday 21

Dr Charles Hayes & Mrs were in  in the evening.  Letter from Carrie & father    Mary & I went up to Chas's & had a very pleasant call.

Thursday, April 22, 1869.

This was a pleasant day for I had such a splendid long letter from Cicely.  Which she had been writing ever since I came away.  [most?].  It made me real home sick.  I went to ride.

Friday 23

Mary & Abby and I went over to Mrs Does & took the double wagon and we all went to ride & had a splendid time.  In the afternoon M. & I. called at A. Barkers, Mrs Traftons & Lords & Goodwins.  A. Barker in the Evening  

Saturday 24

Mrs Burleigh was in  in the after noon.  Mary & I went over to meet Mrs Gordon who I was delighted to see.

    Letter from Aunt Sophia

Sunday, April 25, 1869.

Went to Church all day.  Mr Dobey preached.  Saw everybody   Mary & I went to walk late in the evening with Joe

Monday 26

Was in to see Mrs Gordon.  Miss Mary came down in the afternoon & I went home with her, which seemed quite natural.  Mary & Sarah Lord & Mrs Rollins & I went to walk in the evening.  I read the Galaxy

Tuesday  27

Meant to go for May flowers but Mary was real sick so I didnt   I had the nicest letter that ever [was from?] Ella Walworth [who was there?] in Florence.  [Dear girl saw how I would like to see her?]!  Mary  & Abba & I went to ride.

Wednesday, April 28, 1869.

Was at Grandma's in the evening and in the morning

    Letter from Vattie who is coming to see us in a week or two.  I miss Cincinat [Cincinnati?] so much.

Thursday 29

Mary & I went over to Mrs Doe's and she lent me a lot of books.  Mary was miserably.  I read "[Medaea?]"* & wrote Mrs Gordon --
    Letter from Grace

Friday 30

In the afternoon I got tired and homesick and went off by myself to get May flowers.  I went over on the plains beyond Mrs Doe's --  I met Mary Hayes on the way home.  & saw her home.  Mary & I went out riding

Saturday, May 1, 1869.

Mary Hayes & Annie Barker were in  in the afternoon.  Mary & I walked down with them.  and when we were coming back we were getting some oranges at Stackpoles and Carrie appeared before us.  She and Father came up from Brunswick.

Sunday 2

The ground was white with snow but it commenced to rain and stormed very hard all day and such a high wind   I went to church all day.  It was so nice to have Father at home.  Mr Hayward preached on Baptism

Monday 3

In the morning Mary and I took Father over then went to ride and made a long call on Mrs Doe.  In the afternoon I went to Mrs Haywards & Mrs Burleighs   Made a long call on Miss Hayes & then went to the Nealley's.  Spent the evening with Grandma.  Played after I got home

Tuesday, May 4, 1869.

Cleared up the book closet in the morning.  Wrote Anna & Vattie & Grandipa & Mrs Gordon & Minnie.  Went after some boots and some small errands   Read "The Man with the Broken Ear" About* ----- Mrs Doe was over

[Note: Edmond About, The Man with the Broken Ear, 1867]

Wednesday 5

Mary [Was?] at Dr. Dorr's in the morning. Afternoon Mary & I went over to York [Hills?] woods and found [me?] lovely may flowers! Saw Mrs Doe & gave her some Must [visit?] Mary Grant & Carrie for frogs eggs -- down in Nortons brook. [Had?] splendid letter from Cicely

Thursday 6

Was at Dr Dorr's  having my tooth filled all the morning.  In the Eve Mary & I went to R. Josings and Miss Hayman's.  In the P.m. [Mr. & ?] Mrs Rollins [illegible] went to Dover [& had?] a real nice [time.?]  I wrote [2 illegible words] at night

Friday, May 7, 1869.

A lovely day.  I was writing to Cicely all the morning most.  [Arthy Fiarle?] came about eleven from Concord to take Abba home.  In the afternoon [we?] went to [illegible].  Mary & W. & I .  Sang in the evening.  Have got a very nice frame for my paint[ing?].

Saturday 8

Mary, Milly, Carrie, "Joe" & I all went over to the Guptill's Woods and got some May flowers.  We all packed into the chaise & had real fun   I cleared up my room ("house cleaning") in the afternoon.  Father came home [straight?] from Brunswick.

Sunday 9

Went to Church all day.  Sermon in the P.m. about the barren fig tree.  morning.  about "Go up & look at the Sea "  Wrote Ella & Maggie Baker & Mrs Mc Henry [&?] Cicely --  We told stories after tea.  went to walk.  I sat up late in my room at night --

Monday, May 10, 1869.

Went to Eliot and to make all his calls with Father.  Had a most delightful ride.  Went to have Abby's tintype taken in the P.m   She & Milly went home at 5.   I love Abby best of any child I know.  Went to the Hayes' with Father

Tuesday 11

Very hot.  I sewed on Mothers dress all the afternoon.  Read Miss Merlocks "Fairy Book".*  Ripped my gray pongee in the morning   Was into Grandmas just after dinner and in the evening.  Read a letter from Mrs Gordon --

Wednesday 12

Finished Miss Merlocks Fairy Book in the morning.  Got a letter from Vattie at 11 saying she was coming at 3.  So I got her room ready -- went to meet her & was so glad to see her.  Grandpa came at night  There was a dreadful milling accident   Thermometer o90 --

Thursday, May 13, 1869.

We [then?] and Joe went to take [Data?] Tompsons dinner to her in the morning and then Vattie took a nap and I finished my letter to Ella Walworth and in the afternoon we stayed in the house.  I mended  Mary's dress, and in the evening we went to the "dramatic" entertainment in S. Falls

Friday 14

It rained and we weren't out in the morning.  In the afternoon as Joe had run after Mrs Doe's wagon before dinner we, Vattie & Mary and I, went after him.  Miss Quincy was there from Boston and we went down in the woods  had a long walk and were brought home   Went to Grandma's in the evening --

Saturday 15

It rained all the morning   We had great fun.  I made a great packet for "Mae" and V & I dressed up a bolster in Marys clothes and put it on her bed.  Mrs Doe & Miss Quincy came over after dinner and we went to walk with them up by [Wadleighs?] and round the square.  [2 illegible words].  Carrie road home with Grandpa.

Sunday, May 16, 1869.

Mary & Vattie & I went to Church in the morning.  In the afternoon we didnt go.  any of us.  for it rained very hard and an agent was going to preach.  Vattie and I went into Grandma's in the evening  --

Monday 17

In the morning I had a letter from Ella who was at Florence & she told me something that worried me.  Mother was getting ready to go away.  I went to ride with Father and saw Mary Hayes a minute --

Tuesday 18

In the morning Lizzie Parker came up from Portsmouth   We were all sewing most of the day --  We went up by the Academy and above Cousin Elisha to walk in the evening --  Mother went to Boston --

            [Letter from Kitty Richmond]
Wednesday, May 19, 1869.

It rained very hard all day   We all sewed.  I sewed a little on the machine & mended Vattie's gloves.  In the evening we went over to Grandma's all but Mary but Charles Hobbs came and so we spent the evening at home after all.

Thursday 20

Mary and Lizzie went over to Mrs Mortons and Vattie and I had a nice talk while they were gone   I showed her some thing.  I had a letter from Emma Carruth. O!  I'm so thankful for what she told me!  We told fairy stories & sang in the evening.

Friday 21

In the morning I had some tintypes taken.  In the afternoon Mrs Doe and Mary & Lizzie [illegible] and Ralph all went to Dover in one carriage and Vattie and I in another.  We got [lots?] of candy & had a splendid time.  I went in to Grandma's in the evening   [3 illegible words]

Saturday, May 22, 1869.

I went over to Salmon Falls with Lizzie Parker in the morning.  In the afternoon Vattie & Lizzie & I went to ride with John Jewett to Dover.  In the evening Charlotte & Mrs Knight were in.  We had a real nice talk afterward.  I had a letter from Mother.  Played croquet

Sunday 23

Church all day.  Caught Miss Mary's eye in church in the P m and communicated several times by means of smiles.  Vattie took a nap in the P.m.  In the evening we went into Grandma's and then Vattie and I walked an hour   Wrote Anna --

Monday 24

Had a letter from Maggie Baker   Mrs. Doe was over in the morning   Father went to Boston in the morning.  Lizzie Parker went in the P.m. & Father and Mother & Carrie came.  V & I took a walk in the eve   She & Lizzie & I read [Home Care?]* in the P.M.

Tuesday, May 25, 1869.

In the [morning?] we tried a horse or rather a pony and I wanted Father to buy it awfully and he wouldnt.  In the afternoon I went to Lebanon with Father and had a splendid ride.  Got home at tea time.  Mary Hayes & Anna [Barker?] were in.  Mary H. is coming.  I had an awful headache.

Wednesday 26

Didnt go out in the morning except to the mail.  Sewed buttons on my boots.  I wish I was dead.  I am awfully cross -- Carrie and Vattie and I went over to Guptills woods --

Thursday 27

Father got a new horse, a very nice brown one.  Had a letter from Cicely in the morning saying that she was engaged to James Sibley & what nearly broke my heart, that she's not coming to Boston.  I had another letter at night  a real nice one

Friday, May 28, 1869.

Went to ride in the morning and in the afternoon we went to Mrs Leavitts in York, down thru the woods, had a delightful ride and stayed to tea & enjoyed ourselves highly.  It was windy coming home --

Saturday 29

Went to Wells with Father in the after noon, with the new horse.  It rained until we were coming home but I enjoyed it very much.  In the evening Vattie and I called at the Barkers and Burleighs & Hayes' -- saw Mary Hayes

Sunday 30

A Rochester minister preached who had a horrid voice. Church was very early in the afternoon.  I walked a little way with Miss Mary   And then Vattie and I went to the graveyard where they were decorating the soldiers' graves, and after ward we went to commemorate --  & walked in the country

Monday, May 31, 1869.

Mary Hayes came down in the morning and stayed quite a long while.  In the afternoon Vattie and Mary went to ride and then V & I went -- Mrs Doe was over.  We went into Grandma's in the evening & called at Charlottes in the afternoon.

Tuesday, June 1

Vattie went away.  I shall miss her so much.  Mary & I took her over to the depot.  After that Mary Hayes saw me as I was [passing?] by and she came out and went to ride with me.  Had a very sweet letter from Grace & wrote her   Letter from Anna.

Wednesday 2

Went over to the depot and got Father in the morning and then went to ride with him.  In the afternoon went up in the woods sketching with Mary Hayes.  We didn't draw much but got lots of flowers and had a nice talk.

Thursday, June 3, 1869.

Took Father over to the depot and then drove down to Olive Grant.  In the afternoon sewed a little on the machine and [read?] "Black Sheep"* -- Mary & I went out to drive and after tea I went up to see Mary Hayes --

Friday 4

Had a letter from Cicely    She is altogether too spoony, and it seems so funny!  Went down nearly to Kennebunk with father & had a splendid time.  It was so cool down by the sea    Mrs Rollins & I went in to the Hayes.

Saturday 5

Went down to hear them practice for the Peace Jubilee in the evening.  with Mrs Rollins & Mrs Wakefield & a crowd more --

Sunday, June 6, 1869.

Went to church all day   Mr Hayward preached but I have forgotten what about.  Wrote Minnie & Ella & Cicely Burt.

Monday 7

[Mrs Rollins went to Olive Grants with me]   Mary Hayes was down in the morning   She got here before I was up!  I carried her home.  We went to ride round by Great Works & to the Hamilton house.  She told me about her great grandfather

Tuesday 8

Read "Seaboard Parish" -- went down to see Mary in the morning.  She was [illegible] [sewing?] up in the Library -- I had a letter from Grace Gordon

Wednesday, June 9, 1869.

Mary & I went to Dover for the fringe for my dress   Went for Mrs Doe to go with us but she couldn't   We had a real nice ride together -- Letter from Vattie

Thursday 10

Mary & I went to Dover in the afternoon.  Saw the Hayes over there.  Had a real good time.  I sewed after I got home.  All the evening --

Friday 11

Went down to see Mary Hayes a minute in the morning & she rode down & we rode a little while -- I sewed most all day [before?] that.  Annie Barker & Char. [Lord?] & Mrs Rollins & M E Raynes in

Saturday 12, 1869.

Mrs Doe was over in the morning   Mary went back with her to dine   I & Carrie went over with Kate in the P.m. & all of us went to Dover.  I sewed all the evening till very late & nearly finished my dress.

Sunday 13

Went to church all day   a Baptist minister from N. Berwick preached.  I walked up with Mrs Goodwin in the P.m.  Mary & I went up to Charlotte's in the eve -- I was at Grandma's.  Read "Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood."

Monday 14

Father wanted me to go to Portland & I didn’t know which to do [--?] that or Boston but decided on Portland & [got?] there at nine   Aunt Helen was glad to see me & Uncle John   How I do love her!

Tuesday, June 15, 1869.

Went out with Aunt Helen -- to the Public Library & Catholic cathedral.  other Cathedral & Dr Nourse in the Evening -- Had some nice talks with Aunt Helen.  Read Gates Ajar *

Wednesday 16

Aunt Helen & I went to the ca the Eastern promenade which was perfectly lovely.*  Then we came home & Mrs Jones & Lizzie  came in.  Then the dinner party at which I enjoyed myself.  The talk with Aunt Helen   The tea at Mrs Jones.  The sun set.  & call at the Emery's   Bought Mary an amethyst ring

*The Eastern Promenade in Portland, ME.

Thursday 17

Aunt Helen wanted me to stay till [eve?] but Father wouldn't let me. When I was part way home I made up my mind to go straight on to Boston, which I did   went to drive in the afternoon and to the [illegible] Jubilee Ball at night.  Saw Dr & Mrs Norton  Cicely's sister, & Charlie Perry & uncle Will   Splendid time.

Friday, June 18, 1869.

[Father gave Mary Kate, & Mrs Doe a shirt stud & Mother earrings & Father "Oldtown Folks."* Grandma money --] Marys birth day. In the morning I went out with Grace. To Mrs Hoffers [illegible] & every where shopping. To [Copelands?] for lunch. Met Annie Barker in the street. Charlie Perry & Mr Ian King & Mr Frank Lincoln were in in the evening. Grace played for me.

Saturday 19

Went down town with Maria and Grace in the morning.  Got some rose buds for Grace. She was playing for me in the drawing room & Mrs Gordon came to tell me that the carriage had come   I was astonished!  Read "Oldtown  Folks" in the cars.  Saw Mary half a minute.  She liked her ring.

Sunday 20

It rained very hard all day.  I played a little and was very cross.  There was no Service at our church so I didn't go.  I had a most delightful surprise in rereading a letter from my dear Ella Walworth whi[ch] I found yesterday   I found a [shirt or skirt?] I hadnt seen   I wrote [Carrie?] & Aunt Helen & Cicely

Monday, June 21, 1869.

Mrs Doe came over in the P.m. & I walked over with her.  Mary took Ralph.  I went to ride a little while, afterwards and to call on Mary Sonle & Eliza Wakefield & the Lords in the evening.  Also at Grandmas --

Tuesday 22

Went over with Mrs Gordon in the morning and had a nice talk with her.  I do hope Grace will come down.  [illegible deletion] [wrote] Aunt Sarah & finished & sent my letter to Ella Dear girl.  Was at grandma's a long while in the afternoon & Ellen Whitehead in the evening.  Letter from Min

Wednesday 23

I am so delighted Grace is coming.  It was rainy.  I was at Grandmas.  Cousin Elisha was in. I am learning to play Aileen Aroon.*  Wrote a little   Made a belt for my pique jacket.  Cleaned my driving gloves.

Thursday, June 24, 1869.

Went to ride in the afternoon over to Guptills woods  had a real good time  got some strawberries.  It was pretty hot.  Put the little [illegible] on Kate.  Saw Mrs Doe.  Read Atlantics and 'eat' ice at night

Friday 25

Cleaned up my room and upper drawer.  Read in the afternoon & commenced a letter to Cicely. Mary & I went to drive after tea.  Sewed buttons on my boots

Saturday 26

Had a dear old letter from Cicely.  Read "Margaret" --  O, I am in such a hurry for Grace to come!  I do love her with all my heart.  Mary and I went to drive before dinner & in the afternoon

Sunday, June 27, 1869.

Went to church all day   Wrote Cicely at noon.  Read Pilgrims Progress a little while.  Wrote a letter for Nelly.  Was at Grandma's to show her my dress.

Monday 28

What I call a lovely day -- as it was thick fog from the sea.  I went over to meet my dear Grace at night.  & we had a nice little talk.  We went into Grandma's after tea ----

Tuesday 29

Grace & Mary & I rode all the morning.  In the afternoon we went to the Exhibition at the Acad, & in the evening went up to see the play which was pretty good.  Grace & I had a splendid talk at night.  I do love her so much.

[Mrs Doe came over at 7 1/2 & we started for Portsmouth]
Wednesday, June 30, 1869.

There was a little shower on the way but we had a nice drive.  Spent the day at the Haven's & I haven't enjoyed my self so for a long while.  Grace & I enjoyed the "[tilter or teller?]."  The Doctor was there and Mrs Pierrepont & others.  I found the best letter [I wanted] from Ella who was [in or at?] Coblentz -- God bless her! --

Thursday, July 1

Grace went in the morning.  I went down to Brock's with her.  Met Mary Sonle & walked with her awhile.  In the afternoon Mary & I went over to the Doe's and in the evening I went up to Miss Mary's & had a very nice call.

Friday 2

Mary & I were very much astonished in the morning to see Uncle John out on the piazza & after him came Aunt Sarah & Grandpa.  Father & Uncle John went to Portland at night & we went to ride.  Mary Sonle & C. Hobbs in --

Saturday, July 3, 1869.

Meant to go to the beach but Mrs Doe couldnt go. Uncle John & Father came back at night.  I went down in the garden and into the Lords & was at Grandma's    Wrote Cicely.

Sunday 4

Went to church all day --  It was very hot.  Miss Mary & I smiled at each other across the church.  Read a Sunday School book   Uncle John & I went up on the hill in the evening  --

Monday 5

Aunt Sarah & Mary & I went to drive, and stopped at Mrs Doe's.  I got on Kate's back over in the woods & she threw me off or rather I jumped off.  We were at Grandma's at night.  I showed Aunt S. [the house?.]

           [Letter from Cicely]
Tuesday, July 6, 1869.

Uncle John went in the very early train and Grandpa and Aunt Sarah went at eight.  Aunt Helen went through in the cars, & I was sorry not to see her.  Went up to the Rayne's with Miss Mary.  Blew soap bubble --

Wednesday 7

I made my striped [skirt or shirt?]  --  Father had his hair cut very short & we all made fun of him.  Miss Edith & Mrs Bodwell Doe were home & we went over to tea and we went to drive in the evening all but Miss Edith.  Saw Florence Allen.

Thursday 8

We I sewed on Mary's jacket and we went over to the Doe's.  In the afternoon we took the Doe's wagon & our horse & drove up to Knights pond and then went back there to tea & picked lots of strawberries [up and back?]  

Friday, July 9, 1869.

I drew in the morning, & wrote a little.  It rained hard at night.  Read Gosse ['s?] 'Romance of Natural History' --  Mary was at Grandma's to tea.  She had a letter from Anna --

Saturday 10

Went over to Mrs Doe's in the morning & carried her the picture I drew.  Mary & I called at the Nealleys, Haywards & Hobbs, & Lords in the afternoon   Mrs Doe was over.  Mary & I rode up to Lucy Keay's & then took Millie Doe home

Sunday 11 

Mr Mussey preached this morning & Mr Hayward preached this afternoon.  "He hath made every thing beautiful in his time["].  A very hot day with a high wind.  Stayed up stairs in the evening.  Wrote Cicely

Monday, July 12, 1869.

Had two splendid letters from Cicely in the morning.  Came up stairs and had a nice time reading them.  Repotted my two ivies.  Mary and I went up to Mary Hayes at night & I went to Lizzie Park's but she was out

Tuesday 13

The Doe's & Mary & Carrie & I went to the beach at Wells   had a real good time.  I went out fishing and got sea sick and felt all knocked up the rest of the time.  Mr Mussey was here when we got home at 9.

Wednesday 14

Felt rather sick all day & only went over to the Post office with a letter to Cicely.  Was at Grandma's a few minutes and read her a letter from Mrs Gordon.  Read part of "Little women" over & some "Galaxy's".

Thursday, July 15, 1869.

Made picture frames -- for my two etchings and for the "Huguenot in prison"  --  At night I came into possession of a young hen hawk.  I mean to try and tame him but he is very cross --

Friday 16

Went over to George Wentworths with Mrs Doe in the morning and went there to dinner.  It was very hot -- Went out with Mrs Doe & picked strawberries & ate them   Got my hawk quite tame --

Saturday 17

Mary and Carrie & I went to Dover in the morning.  In the afternoon I hung my pictures & cleaned my room up --  Mary & I went down to Olive Grants in the evening --  Father went to Andover with a man who got hurt at the Auction --

Sunday, July 18, 1869.

Mary & I both stayed in the house all day.  I read the Sec. Vol. of Young [King or Knight?]* [illegible name] & scad. my Testament in the afternoon  --  also wrote Ella a long letter & Cicely a short one --  Father came at 11 on a special train   

Monday 19

Sewed on my silk sack.  Mary took Cousin Annie to ride.  In the afternoon we went over to see Mrs Doe.  I brought her over to meet Mr De Normandie who didnt come   M & I went to see the Nealleys & Annie Barker & Lizzie Parks in the eve --  Annie B. came out with us –

[Note: It is likely that Mr. DeNormandie is James De Normandie (1836-1924), who was ordained at South Parish in Portsmouth, NH in 1862, and who became pastor at First Church (Unitarian) of Roxbury, MA (1883-1917).]

Tuesday 20

Went to Dover in the morning, met Father & we all came home together in the chaise & had a jolly time.  We saw the great Circus --  procession  camels & all.  Mrs Gordon came at night.  Finished my [silk?] sack --

Wednesday, July 21, 1869.

Did not get up very early  --  Mary & I spent most of the afternoon at Olive Grants.  I made a call on Mrs Doe --  She rode with us a little way -- Found Miss Mary here when we came home.  Took her home.  Father went to Hampton.  Spent the eve at Grandmas

Thursday 22

Started quite early for Exeter & had a delightful drive up.  Stopped in Dover --  They were very glad to see [us?]   I went to see Mrs Gordon  --  Miss Mellen & Cousin Fanny were in -- Talked very late

Friday 23

Went up to see Aunt Mary Long in the morning & had a nice call.  Went to Hampton in the P.m. & spent the P.m. [on] the sands.  I went to see Judge [Momile?] & his wife   Talked very late

Saturday, July 24, 1869.

Went over the river & to Kensington with Grandpa in the morning, & for some ice cream.  Started at four o'clock & had a very hot tiresome ride.  Stopped a minute at Cousin Fanny's -- Got home at 8.  Went in to Grandmas

Sunday 25

Was very tired and stupid all day.  Read Christian Anderson's "Sand Hills of Jutland"* and Harpers mag & weekly & every Saturday.  Wrote Cicely and Kitty Richmond & Vattie  --  Mother went way down in Wells with Father --

Monday 26

Mary took Father to Dover.  I made Mrs Gordon a call in the morning.  Made Mary's silk sack in the afternoon & wrote Grace in the evening.  It rained a little.  Read a letter from Grace to her mother

Tuesday, July 27, 1869.

Mary and Mrs Gordon rode all the morning.  I went in to see Mrs Gordon with my blue dress on.  Stayed to tea & went to Mrs Hobbs after tea with her --  Charlotte came in to Grandmas   Wrote Grace

Wednesday 28

Took Mrs Gordon to ride in the morning to the Hamilton house & Guptill's woods.  Listened there to the thrushes and talked about Grace and her friends   In the afternoon read Alford Happy Household *  Grandma in eve.  Annie Jewett there

Thursday 29

Had a mag. letter from dear old Cicely.  Annie Jewett & Mrs & Mr Nealley and Chas & Elisha & Lizzie & Aunt B[illegible] were here to tea & Mrs Gordon in the evening   We had [illegible] from Lizzie & D [Long & Chris Dana?].

Friday, July 30, 1869.

Mrs Gordon went home & Mary & I took her over.  We three girls went down to Mrs Nealley to tea & had a real nice time.  I like Annie ever so much.  Mary and I went up to the Hayes before he went.  Mr Ward was there.

Saturday 31

Annie came up in the morning and Lettie Freeland who spent the day.  I read Lizzie Loston a part of "Allington[."]*  Had a letter from Anna at night.  Annie Barker was in & C Lord.  Mary & Carrie & I went to ride after 6 & took Ralph Doe. 

Sunday, August 1

Went to church all day.  Mr Hayward repeated his Jubilee sermon.  Mr De Normandie was there and came home to dine with us.  He is just as pleasant as he can be and I enjoyed it ever so much

Monday, August 2, 1869.

Went out to the Shoals with Mr De Normandie  Judge Doe, Judge [Momile?] of Texas  Rev Mr May & Father & Mrs Bodwell Doe  Went to Mrs Denormandies & then Shackfords. Met [Lewis?] Williams & Nannie Whiting.  Had an elegant time.  Letter from Mary Sibley & Cicely --

Tuesday 3

Was awfully tired.  Slept till nearly eleven.  Cousin Annie came up but I didn’t see her.  I went in to Grandmas in the afternoon and again in the evening.  Mary Nealley was in there.  I had a dear little letter from Ella

Wednesday 4

Didn’t do much of anything.  Carrie & I rode a little while in the morning & Mary and I rode in the afternoon with Fan.  I painted a while.  Read Du Chailler's  "Wild Life under the Equator.["]*  Mrs. Rollins was in  

[Illegible word crossed out] We took Ralph to have a hair cut [illegible]
Thursday, August 5, 1869.

Mary & I went to a [illegible]   I went down to Miss Haymans for a book.  Was at Grandma's & she told me something I thought would be a good plot for a story & that night I sat up very late over it.

Friday 6

Mary & I called at Mrs Folsoms & Mrs Colcords in the evening.  Mr De Normandie came in with Carrie who stayed over there to tea & he & Judge Doe made a long call here --  We went to Dover for some silk.

Saturday 7

Mr De Normandie came over in the afternoon and we three girls & he & Father went up on the hill & saw the eclipse.  Mary & I went to the Hayes in the evening & to the Nealleys.  & found Mrs Freeland & Annie over in [illegible]

Sunday, August 8, 1869.

Mr Gile preached in the morning.  Mr De Normandie came over and went to church with us.  & came home & dined.  I had a nice talk with him.  Went to church in the P.m.  Read Riverside

Monday 9

Grandpa came in the morning.  I went up stairs as soon as [illegible] & wrote till tea time  copying.  Was down an hour or so after 8 & walked a little while & then wrote again   Had a nice long letter from Aunt [Sarah?] [& one from  Cicely]  wrote Cicely and Anna.

Tuesday 10

Got up to breakfast with Grandpa.   Sent off my story.  Went to ride with Mary and Carrie down to Olive Grants.  Read "Book [of?] Dominies" & some Atlantics *  Was into Grandmas  Eat 17 [peanuts?]

Wednesday, August 11, 1869.

Went to Church in the evening and ['Jo'?] came too to my great edification.  Amanda Cater was here to tea.  Was at Mrs Lords a minute -- & walked up to Mrs Folsom's with Mrs Rollins

Thursday 12

Had a splendid letter from Cicely in the morning   Went to Olive Grants in the morning.  Mary & I went to call on the Mortons in the eve.  Took Mary Hayes in & went to the Gimsle's & Mrs Doe's

Friday 13

Etta Morton and her husband made a fearfully long call at noon.  I was at Grandma's all the evening.  Mary and I went to Mrs Doe's & Carrie who spent the day.  Mary Hayes came in with me. Walked up [illegible]

    [I came in through the window in the eve
Saturday, August 14, 1869.

Saw Mitty Allen.  & went to ride a little way & to the post office in the morning.  Read Loss & Gain.*  Sewed for Mary & went to Olive Grants with her & to Miss Edith's in the eve -- Raynes [illegible]

Sunday 15

Very rainy.  Went to Church all day.  Miss Lizzie Parks & Mr Barker of California sat with me in the morning.   A nigger preached in the afternoon --

Monday 16

Still rainy.  Father was off all day.  I was at Grandma's in the afternoon.  Read Heir of Redclyffe* and a lot of trash. Was in with Mat Ferguson in the P.m .

Tuesday, August 17, 1869.

Mrs Bodwell Doe was in  in the morning.  I got a letter from Min -- At night I came as near being utterly satisfied & happy as I can.  My story is accepted & I had a very nice note from the Atlantic

Wednesday 18

Went down to Flinn's with Father in the morning.  In the afternoon Mary beguiled me into telling Father & Mother about my story --  I wish with all my heart I had never told any body: it seems as if it no longer belonged all to me.  Went to church which was awful stupid

Thursday 19

Mary & I went over to Mrs Doe's for some beans in the morning and took her double wagon and came over & got Mrs Knight & went over to George Wentworth's.  I read all the afternoon & went to Salmon Falls with Father.  Read The Galaxy & eat peaches & was at Grandma's in the evening

Friday, August 20, 1869.

Rainy --  I read old Atlantic and [illegible] round generally   The piano tuner was here in the morning.  Awfully hot & close in the afternoon.  Was at Grandma's a while in the evening.

Saturday 21

Read old magazines & kept cool as I could.  Didn't feel well.  Mary Yeaton was in here a minute or two.  Mary and I went to ride after tea & trotted Kate, over on the Plains.  Had a discussion as to the spelling of "Spillahaus" --

Sunday 22

Went to church all day and over to the Episcopal Service at Salmon Falls in the afternoon   after church we overtook Miss Hayes and she got in to the chaise with us & we afterward took her home

Monday, August 23, 1869.

Had a letter from Aunt Sarah   Miss Mary Hayes and Annie Barker were here a good while and also Cousin Charles Jewett and Mrs Freeland.

Tuesday 24

Had a letter from Vattie.  Wrote Cicely.  Ella sailed today for home from Liverpool.  There were lots of callers but I didn't see any of them.  Read old Atlantics.  Expected a letter from Grace but didn’t get it --

Wednesday 25

Had a dear letter from Ella  --  the last I shall have until she writes from Boston.  This was very interesting, from Edinburgh   Mary & I went to Annie Lizzie Trafton & should have gone to the Hayes but it rained.  She wasnt at home.  Went into Grandma's.  Letter from [Annie?]

Thursday, August 26, 1869.

Went up to Great Falls with Mary & Carrie.  Came down the lane by John Rollins & went to Mrs Doe's.  I put the tassels on my [w___?] and was out riding & went to Mary Hayes but she wasn't at home.  I was at Grandma's

Friday 27

Slept very late in the morning   had a letter from Grace who is at Bethlehem.  Mrs Maynard and Mrs Austin were at Grandma from 3 till 5.  Mrs Doe was in with Perley. We took her home [add?] & Annie Barker & I walked to Davis' & were at the Nealleys & all of us went to the [illegible]

Saturday 28

Mary & I went to drive in the evening over to Salmon Falls to see if the Wards came but they didn't till 8 --  & [5 illegible words] in the morning   I wasn't very [merry?]  

Sunday, August 29, 1869.

Went to church all day though I wasn't well.  Hetta and Susy Ward were over at Mrs Hayes just for the day.  We walked up with them after church & Hetta & we went up behind the academy & sat down.  We were high in the [evening?] & I had a talk with Hetta out under the apple trees --

Monday 30

Mary & I went to Dover in the morning & I got a pique dress.  I went to bed at seven for I was so tired.  I didn’t go to sleep till ten when Mary came up --  [Char or Chas?] was in here all the evening.  At eleven [the?] company's barn caught fire in [S.?] Falls & I went part ways over.  & didn't go to sleep till 5

Tuesday 31

Mary & Carrie & I went over to see the fire place.  Mrs Doe was over a minute & I walked down with her --  In the P.m. she & Mary & I went in [state?] to call on Mary Lord & Mrs Hale & Mrs Goodwin and the Hayes & Cobbs & Barkers.  Found Annie  Jewett and Mary Nealley here to tea  --  I told Annie all about my writing & she was [so] pleased.

Wednesday, September 1, 1869.

Wasnt out for it was awfully cold.  Lizzie Trafton & Agnes made a long call in the evening, & was very pleasant  --  Went into Grandma's to see Annie & bid her good bye   I like her so much & shall miss her dreadfully.

Thursday 2

Rainy & cold.  & I was still sick with my cold  --  Read the Sept Atlantic.  & in the evening went into Grandma's & read her Miss Phelps "Kentucky's Ghost"* which I like so much.  Chas. was in there a while & Mary  --  Mary & I drove over through the woods & farms  --  a [illegible] way  --

Friday 3

My twentieth birthday.  Mary gave me a splendid great amethyst ring & Grandma money.  Mrs. Doe sent me lots of candy.   Mary & I went over to Guptills woods.  I was into Grandma's.  [Was in three times?]  

Saturday, September 4, 1869.

Mary saw Mrs Doe & Mrs Langdon in the morning.  I saw Mary Hayes & Carrie.  Was disappointed that I didn't see the arrival of the Liberia from Europe.  Spent the afternoon at Olive Grants & was awfully bored.  Grandma gave us a treat of claret in the evening --

Sunday 5

Didn't go to church all day.  Read Archie Lovell & the Galaxy stories *  I wrote Maggie Baker.  I hope my throat will get well

Monday 6

I could hardly wait till night for Anna to be here but alas!  when the train came an hour too late she was not in it --  Had a great house cleaning of my room in the morning   ESP.

Tuesday, September 7, 1869.

Anna came at night and glad enough we were to see her.  Mary and I went over to Mrs Doe's in the Pm before we went to the depot.  In the morning she was over with Ralph & Perley --

    [tremendous gale all night
Wednesday 8

We went over to the Doe's in the morning and had real fun.  It was very hot.  We were on the beds reading all the afternoon.  An awful storm at night.  I sewed on my piqué dress.  Went to [Din___?]

         [Went down to see K Whitney at the station
Thursday 9

Cleared off beautifully   We went to Dover & had a real good time.  Got some peaches & sardines.  Went down to Annie Barker, to see Carrie Wentworth.  Mary Hayes & Carrie here in the morning   Letter from Ella Walworth   I'm so glad she's got home --

Friday, September 10, 1869.

Anna & I wrote letters in the morning.  In the evening Charles Hobbs & Sarah Lord & Mrs Rollins called   Anna was real sick with headache --

Saturday 11

Went over to Mrs Doe's to dine & had a jolly time.  After dinner went down to Rollins fish point which is perfectly lovely.   We were in the wood a long while --  Came to bed early --  Mary Sonle called --

Sunday 12

Went to church in the afternoon.  Long [2 illegible words]   Horace Sonle was there.*  [illegible] Hayes also but she didn't have to be carried out!  Anna was real sick all day but went to ride with Father.  Great visiting at night!

Monday, September 13, 1869.

Mrs Doe came over to dine.  They were up in my room all the morning   Ralph went to sleep on the sofa in the parlor after dinner & we talked -- Went to the [Lord?] & [Youngs?] --

Tuesday 14

Mrs Doe was over.  Mary & Anna went calling --  & I sewed on my white pique.  In the evening we & S Lord went up to the Hayes & I had a splendid talk with Susy --

Wednesday 15

Mrs Doe & Ralph & Cousin Enid & Chas. & Susy & Mrs Knight  Carrie  Father  Anna  Mary & we went out to Bald head Cliff* & I never enjoyed any thing of the kind as much except Niagara.  Went on the York beach coming home   Went to the Nealleys party in the evening --

Thursday, September 16, 1869.

We had a party at night  about twenty --  I [writing the invitations?] & then A. & Mary went to Dover.  Every body was here -- & we had a jolly time --

Friday 17

Mary & Mrs Doe went to Portsmouth in the early train & Anna & I in the next  to dine at the Havens --  Georgie Halliburton was at home wh made me very happy   She & Anna went to Greenland with Mr March & A. & Mr H. played billiards   Elegant Dinner  8 courses.  Mr Clark [took?] the men out in the garden before [dinner?] --  Mary & Mrs Doe went to the De Normandies.  I talked with Mrs Haven while they were all gone --

Saturday 18

Anna went at 5.   I slept till about eleven I was so tired.  After she had gone we met Mary Hayes & she came up here & we went over to Mrs Doe's but she wasn't at home  

Sunday, September 19, 1869.

Didnt go to church all day.  Read old Littells & wrote Cicely.  Eat [deviled?] ham & biscuit & enjoyed myself highly --  Wrote Ella & Grace.

Monday 20

Had a charming letter from Ella Walworth and one from Cicely --  Finished the story I've been writing   Spent the evening with Grandma.

Tuesday 21

Copied 'The Ship wrecked Buttons' & it took me most all day.  Read it to Grandma in the evening & spent the evening with her & we had a great talk

    [Had a letter of 17 Pages from Grace]
Wednesday, September 22, 1869.

Cold & dreary.  Spent the afternoon with Miss Mary & it seemed quite like old times.  we had a grand talk.  Read Miss P [       ]'s "From an Island in the Evening" *

Thursday 23

Went up to Charlotte's for a receipt and up to Miss Hayes' with her water proof & umbrella.  Had a letter from C.B.  Mary & I went to Dover in the P.m.  had a delightful ride --  We were down to Annie Barkers & walked with the Lords afterward.

Friday 24

Mary got her trimming from Anna so it seems she got to Boston safe --  There was a note also --  The new girl cook to be --  made us a call.  Her name is Ann Rogers which is familiar  

Saturday, September 25, 1869.

Cant remember for the life of me what I did   So this is a kind of lost day.  Only one out of a legion that never have had special notice --  I ought to write every day except when I think of it

Sunday  26

Went to church all day.  A dumb, stupid man from Dover preached   Mary & I went to walk at night.  I read Littells and wrote some letters.  Cicely & Ella

Monday  27

Had a nice letter from Ella in the morning & also one from Cicely.  Sent a letter to Ella & Cicely both --  It rained in the morning.

    [Saw Mrs Doe on our way home]

Tuesday, September 28, 1869.

Mary & Carrie & I went to Dover in the afternoon   I got a stunning pair of boots and also some more writing paper wh. is a very necessary article about this time & some envelopes --  M & I went to the Hobb's & Nealley's --

Wednesday 29

Mary & Mrs Doe drove down to Portsmouth   I didnt get up till after they had gone.  I went to ride with Father & afterwards took Carrie   Mary got home about tea-time   Had a nice time.  Saw Georgie.  Wish it had been me --  Letter from Kitty Richmond.

Thursday 30

Went to York with Father & after he saw his patient we went after some thing for lunch wh. was crackers & cheese --  Then we drove down to the [illegible] & tried to go into the [Bande?] house* but they wouldnt let us.  One of the most delightful days I ever spent.  Helen Gordon here.  Letter from CB.

Friday, October 1, 1869.

Got up very late.  Went to the postoffice & after dinner read "On the Heights"* or rather read the first half and looked at the rest & liked it as well as I did last fall --  Mrs Gordon came & I went into see her.  Annie B & M & I went to the Book club [meeting?]

Saturday 2

Spent most all of my morning wh. was short, with Mrs Gordon & enjoyed my self.  Looked over "Gates Ajar" & read "Every  

Saturday" & "The Atlantic."  Mrs Doe was in & Mary went out with her --  Had a letter from Ella.

Sunday 3

Half rainy & half not.  I like the looks of that Miss Lewis, Mrs Gerrish's niece & mean to go & see her.  Mr Hayward preached all day.  Wrote Ella & Cicely and thought of them both.  Went into Grandma's after church in the P.m.  Got asked to but didn't stay --  & Mary [went?] to.

Monday, October 4, 1869.

Think I had a letter from Cicely.  The new girl came & seems very pleasant.  It rained in torrents all day,  but in other parts of the country it will be long remembered for it was a regular tempest --  Didn't go out side the house.  Wrote Aunt Sarah.

Tuesday 5

Grandpa came at 3 o'clock    Mary & I went down to Olive Grants but she was busy & couldn't do anything that day.  Lizzie Nealley was in  in the evening & was quite agreeable.  I didn't do much but cut out some [Hawbury?]* wood for Mary to trim something with --

Wednesday 6

Grandpa went away at night   Mary & I were down at Olive Grants in the afternoon.  I was in with Mrs Gordon up in her room in the morning.  Was into Grandma's to tea.  Mrs.Nealley was in & also Father in the evening --  Mr Lord came in to see Grandpa --

Thursday, October 7, 1869.

Had a delightful walk in the morning  'Jo' went with me -dear dog- & I got some black alder & the loveliest clematis that I ever saw, down by the road to the G Work's mill --  All this week has been perfect weather & Friday & Saturday too.  Mary went to Dover with Father.  I made my blue skirt    Mary & Carrie walked over to Mrs Doe's & I went after them

Friday 8

[Illegible] & I walked down to [Davis'].  Came back & had a nice talk with Mrs Gordon.  Mary & she & I went to ride.  Saw Mrs Haven at the Doe's.  Went to Guptills woods & then down the lane from Great Falls.  I went to the Hayes but no one was home but Mrs H.  Then down to call on Miss Lewis who was sick.  Mary came for me & we went to Miss Grants.  Wrote Ella & C.B.  Grandma's in the evening --

Saturday 9

Mary & I went over to the station with Mrs Gordon in the morning.  We had great fun for I went into the [illegible] store & got some sleeve buttons to send [illegible]   Mended stockings   & Mary & I spent the rest of the P.m. at Olive Grant's.  It was a most lovely day.  Miss Lewis called while [we were?] out   Had a letter from Ella  [just or not?] like herself --

Sunday, October 10, 1869.

Went to church all day.  Mr Hayward preached in the morning & Mr Scott in the P.m.  I wrote Ella & Cicely.  Mary & I talked in the evening & Father came in & we had a real good time. We laughed at him for he went down to church & found Mr S. was going to preach & went back.

Monday 11

Went down to Olive Grant's.  Mary had her silk dress cut & she finished cutting my new blue walking suit.  Had a letter from Min at night --  She's coming Wednesday.  We sat up stairs & sewed & Annie Barker was with us

Tuesday 12

I sewed on my dress.  Didn't get up till ever so late.  Went out at night for the mail & Carrie with me & afterward we went as far as the Rickers.  I got [busted?] about S.B.

Wednesday, October 13, 1869.

Minnie came in the morning   Mary went over to get her.  I had a letter from Ella W --  saying she wanted us to come next Wednesday.  Dont I long for it?  I slept until dinner & didn't go to sleep till very late

Thursday 14     [Fros[t] at night ]

Sewed all the morning.  Mary & Min [went?] to Miss Grants --  In the afternoon we went to Dover & had a real good time.  Got a lot of candy & went to Lothrop's.   Talked in the eve & M & Minnie went into Grandma's

   [went to Olive Grants in the P.m.  It rained ]
Friday 15

Minnie went in the early train   I got up to see her off.  Wrote her a note & one to Ella.  In the evening we went up to the school reception & had speaking & some thing to eat & a jolly time   Every body there most.  We went with [Mr Lord?].

Saturday, October 16, 1869.

Sewed all day on my blue suit.  Mary Grant was here to tea with Carrie.  I went into Grandma's in the evening & read her the letter from Mrs E Gordon.  She talked about Salem --  very rainy

Sunday 17

Didn't go to church all day.  Great temperance lecture by Mr Hayward in the evening.  Read in Shadow of the Rock &  Jean Ingelow  Christina Rosetti & Drawthorpe etc --*

Monday 18

Sewed all day.  Went to walk with Joe in the morning & met Mary Hayes riding   Mary Jewett & I rode a little while.  Went to Lizzie Nealleys in the evening about the Club & afterward to walk.

Tuesday, October 19, 1869.

Went down to Olive Grants for her to make the bow to my blue dress.  [2 illegible words] Mrs Doe was with Perley in the P.m.  I finished my gown & mended gloves & went shopping to [illegible] Nealley -  Expected the Lords but they didn't come

Wednesday 20

We were packing all the afternoon and I looked up the things I wanted to put away & to take.  Mrs Rollins & Annie Barker were in.  Mary & I were at Grandma's in the evening which was glorious.  I went to walk --  Father went to Portland

Thursday 21

Came to Boston.  Mrs [Robbins?] was in the cars --  Ella met us & I was so happy to see her --  We came up in the car.  Went to Charles [Lunners? or Lamings?] lecture on [caste?] at night.*  Ella & I slept together -- Dear!  Wasn't I happy as a clam!

    [I whistled]
Friday, October 22, 1869.

Went down town & bought a hat and to see Bierstadts painting which is beautiful --  The Sierras   [illegible]  Went to Mrs Gordons also & saw Grace --  Ella played after tea, and I had another nice time at night.

Saturday 23

We went down town & it commenced to rain hard as soon as we were in the cars   we did a little shopping & came home.  Miss Eastman came at night.  I read aloud   Mrs Cushing was in --

Sunday 24

Went to hear Mr [Murray?] preach in the morning --  to the church of the Immaculate Conception in the afternoon which brought C.B. to my mind   Went to Dr. Neffs in the evening  

Monday, October 25, 1869.

Went to drive in the P.m.  --  [reservoir?] & Longwood.  Came down town for [tour?] of Enaud   I cant tell how dearly I love Ella  

Tuesday 26

Drove to Dorchester & up round Codman Hill & all round Forest Hills.  Mr Ayer spent the evening & we played on the cue alley

Wednesday 27

We drove out to to Jamaica Pond & through Roxbury   It was very chilly.  At night we went to hear Mr Nichols read which I enjoyed ever so much.  We returned Saunders call

Thursday, October 28, 1869.

We came [illegible crossed out]  Ella & I took Turkish baths & had the greatest fun  Then we came down town & she took her German lesson & we came to Mrs Gordon   Ella played for me.  We were beautiful to behold, on account of this T.B.

Friday October 29

At night we went to the most splendid concert.  Ella & I went out to do some errands & I got some Malaga grapes which we ate coming home.  Ella & I had our parting talk at night.  God bless her!  --  The concert was by Thomas orchestra from New York.

Saturday October 30

I went down town with Ella & then she was packing & we all came down town together   She gave Malaga [2 illegible words] & me a [illegible] paper [folder.?]  We came to the Gordons & I [went out?] with Grace & Mrs Hoffendahl & bought a [porcelain?] painting for Cicely.

Sunday, October 31, 1869.

Mrs Gordon & Mary & I went to the Church of the Advent in the morning and Mary was sick & we came out   In the afternoon Grace & I went to hear Philipps Brooks who preached one of the most satisfactory sermons I ever heard.  We went to walk down the Back Bay & went to the Ch of the Advent in the eve & afterwards to Mrs. Hoffendahls -- 

Monday, November 1

Mary was sick and didn’t go out.  Wrote my dear darling Ella a long letter   Got a note from the Editor of the Riverside saying he would like the Shipwrecked Buttons, which I now consider as being in a safe harbor!  Spent the eve at Mrs. Hoffendahls.

Tuesday 2

I bought ever so many books at [Pipers.?]*  Mary & I went to Cambridge to see Nelly Gilman.  She is so changed   It was a lovely day.  --   When we got back to Boston & to my great joy, caught sight of Mrs. Walworth [illegible] St James [C___] went round a while with her --  Mrs Clark and Mrs Knight lunched at the Gordons.

Wednesday, November 3, 1869.

Went up to the Walworths in the afternoon & found there a letter from Cicely.  We had a real nice time and it made me quite homesick to be there   Mrs Walworth had the carriage round & drove us home which was gratifying   I [was out?] with Grace   I had some minettes* taken & we had a jolly lunch at Copelands   Slept with Grace

[Note: the smallest of regular size portrait photograph.]

Thursday 4

A most lovely day.  I was down in Washington St & met [Auntie?] & Fanny & walked with them a while, before then I was at [Pipers?] a long while looking at books   went to Roxbury in the P.m. with Mrs Gordon.  Mr G. & Grace & M. & I went to see Booth in Hamlet wh. I enjoyed immensely

Friday 5       [Slept with Grace ]

In the afternoon we had a [illegible] and went a long drive to Chestnut hill & Jamaica Pond.  Went to [Mrs?] Hoff. to dine.  Capt & Mrs [illegible] were at the Gordons   Grace & I went to [Pipers?] & to [Vordis?] and the Atheneum & had [illegible].*  Eat at Copeland's

Saturday, November 6, 1869.

Went down to Quincey Market with Mrs Hoffendalh and had a real good time.  Met Grace at Williams & Everetts   Went shopping with them   Then went & got my minettes which were very good.  Went out in the afternoon with Grace & we met Mrs Gordon & went to Tilton[s].

Sunday 7

Went to Dr Nicholsons in the morning.  No sermon only communion [illegible]   Didn't go in the afternoon   Grace & I sat in the bay window up in the drawing room & talked.  Mr Gordon played.  In the evening he & I talked in the library   [illegible words] wrote in the drawing room   Slept with Grace

Monday 8

Mary & I went down town & I got some cuff buttons of [anodized lame'?]  [heaps] of  [Minerva?] & some gloves & candy.  We went to Mrs Hoffendahls but she was out    We saw the [illegible] home.  I like ever so much.  We came in to the Gordons  & stayed to lunch & [illegible] down to Exeter [at 8?]. [illegible words].

Tuesday, November 9, 1869.

Wrote Cicely a long letter which ought to make up for my neglect of her.  Read some of Goethe's Correspondences with a Child which I like exceedingly.  Mrs Jameson & Mrs [Mellen?] & Aunt Mary Long and Cousin Fanny Gilman were in   Gardiner Gilman was here to tea.

Wednesday 10

Had such a spiteful letter from my dear Ella.  Mrs. Carruth is to sale for Europe soon,  which is very hard.  I'm so sorry for Ella   Mary & I went to walk.  Mary Bell was in  Went to Aunt Mary Longs to tea with M Conner & Nelly Gordon & M Bell.  Very nice time.

Thursday 11

Went over in the morning to tell Cousin Fanny that we would come to tea --  Went over the new barn with Gardiner & he took us to ride round the Robinson School and to Mr Hayes greenhouse.  Had a very nice talk with Aunt Mary Long.  Went to take her Days of Yore --  Their time at C[   ]

Friday, November 12, 1869.

Uncle Will & Mr John Gardner & M. & I went down to the auction of Mr March's books --  Saw Mr & Mrs Haven & Mr Gordon & Mr Denormandie.  It must have been a beautiful place --   Had a lunch coming home --  L. Jewett & Mary Conner called.

Saturday 13

Mary & I called at the Gardners & Aunt Sarah's & Miss Mellens & Mrs Ladd's.  & at Aunt Mary Bells.  I went to bed very early.  One of these nights Charlie Walker was in.  He's handsome --

Sunday 14

I went to church in the morning with Grandpa & wrote letters at noon to Grace & Cicely & Ella.  In the evening went with Maria [Gordon or Gardner] to the Epis. church wh. I enjoyed   Saw Miss [Harris?] & Mrs Harding

Monday, November 15, 1869.

Called at Lizzie Jewett's & Mary Conners who was out and Aunt Lydia's & Mrs Harding's who I am very much in love with  & on Aunt Mary Long --  who asked us to stay.  Maria [Gordon or Gardner] took tea with us --

Tuesday 16

Very cold.  People were in so I didn't go to Aunt Mary's as I meant to --  We went up to Aunt Mary Bells to tea   Had a very nice time.  Musical --  reading of Randall Poems, & of Epitaphs --*

Wednesday 17

Horrid rainy day.  Mary & I came home.  They seemed very glad to see us --  My story "Mr Bruce" is published --  in this months Atlantic.  Went in to see Grandma and did all the other "of courses."

[Thanksgiving day]

Thursday, November 18, 1869.

Grandpa came at eleven --  Mrs Doe & Ralph came in & we made them stay --  which made the capital dinner more capital.  Read my story aloud in the evening --  Father & all think it very nice --

Friday 19

Letter from Ella in the morning   She is in Dorchester & more resigned.  I read and was lazy --  Spent most of the afternoon with Mat. Ferguson.  And the evening with Grandma   Had a delightful [drive or hour] with Father

Saturday 20

Grandpa went before I was down.  It was a regular tornado but the P.m. was clear and mild as April --  Read Days of Yore & [rode?] a little while with Mary at twilight.  Had a letter from Cicely --

Sunday, November 21, 1869.

Church all day.  walked up with Miss Mary & Mrs Goodwin in the afternoon.  Mr Hayward preached very nicely in the P.m.  was at Grandma's a few minutes --

Monday 22

Wasn't out in the morning   Kept house in the P.m. --  Mrs Burleigh, Mrs Hobbs & Mary Hayes were in --  Mary walked home with M. Hayes.  I read The Improvisatore*  --  which is nice as can be –

[Note: Hans Christian Andersen, The Improvisatore, 1835.]

Tuesday 23

Went to the P.O. in the morning   Met [Sarah Lord] --  Finished 'Improvisatore' --  Went to the Nealleys to the sociable in the evening.  I was acting in Charades most of the time --  Called the Lords.  I got $50.00 for Mr Bruce from the Atlantic

Wednesday, November 24, 1869.

Snowy & raining & disagreeable.  Read Harper & was very lazy --  Had a letter from Cicely Burt --  I suppose the last I shall have till she is Mrs Sibley.  She likes my story ever so much.  Grandma has a dreadful cold --

Thursday 25

Went to Daniel Nowells & Shepard Butters with father in the afternoon.  & to the lecture in the evening which was about Africa by Mr Rohe   The train was very late so we didn't get our letters & Mat F. said there was one for me --

Friday 26

Went to Grants & then over to Great Falls with father & spent the rest of the morning in Dr Hansons office.  Went to the society at the Raynes & had a jolly time.  Sewed all the P.m.  had a nice supper & sang in the eve --  Had a letter from Ella.  Bless her

Saturday, November 27, 1869.

Very chilly.  Mary & Carrie & I went over to Mrs Doe's in the afternoon & Joe & Snub got fighting to our exceeding consternation   I read Miss Marjoribanks   Cousin Mary Neally was in  in the evening.

[Note: Miss Marjoribanks (1865) by Margaret Oliphant.]

Sunday 28

My beloved old Mr. [Barster?] preached all day which was very gratifying   I wrote Ella a long letter at noon and in the afternoon & evening I read all the letters but one that she wrote me from Europe.  I read the papers too & a little in some magazines

Monday 29

Went to ride with Mary in the morning & then to the mail & took a letter from Mrs Gordon in to Grandma and there she was herself!  I was so glad to see her.  Mary & I went to Dover in the afternoon.  There was a strike and all the people were out.  Had a delightful letter from H.E.J. (Aunt Helen)

Tuesday, November 30, 1869.

Spent part of the morning with Mrs Gordon & was in there in the afternoon.  Mrs Edith was over with the children.  Mary took Mrs. Gordon over & brought Grandpa back on his way home from Portland.  He was very pleasant --

Wednesday, December 1

Grandpa went home   Mary & I went calling in the P.m.  Nealley's & Yeatons & Haywards & Burleigh[s] & Hayes'.  Will Shackford came at night   We were very glad to see him.  Mary had a letter from Aunty telling the most delightful things that Aunt Mary Long said.

Thursday 2

Cicely's wedding day.  Mary & Will Shackford went to Salmon Falls & I wrote Aunty.  Carrie went home with Will in the afternoon to stay till Saturday.  Mary & Mother had a great talk about our friends & relations in the evening.

Friday, December 3, 1869.

Copied a picture from my Enoch Arden for Ella.*  Was doing that nearly all the time till I dressed myself to go to Charlottes to the Society.  Sewed all the afternoon & Lizzie Nealley & Mary & I helped wait on the table   Every body was there & we had a very nice time.  Every body was talking [of?] my story.

Saturday 4

Expected Carrie home but she didn't come & is not coming till Monday.  Mary was piecing a bonnet for Mother.  I laid on the sofa nearly all day and read Goethe's Corrispondence [correspondence] with a child.  Spent most of the evening at Grandma's.  Had a long letter from Ella at night.

Sunday 5

Mr Hayward preached one of the horridest, most uncultivated  disagreeable sermons in the morning that I ever heard.  Sarah Lord & I walked home together.  Wrote Ella at noon.  Went to church in the afternoon.

Monday, December 6, 1869.

Carrie came home in the morning.  Snow storm.  Mrs Doe came over with Ralph in the afternoon.  I copied The finding of Excalibur & it is the best pen drawing yet.  Was drawing part of the afternoon & all the evening.  Father went to Exeter to see a patient over at North Hampton.

Tuesday 7

Letter from Grace.  delighted to hear from her.  Went out to the Post Office.  & afterwards into Grandma's.  In the evening we went up to the Pikes to the club & had a very nice time.  Had oysters for lunch [three illegible words] the diversions

Wednesday 8

Went down to Lizzie Nealleys & into Lizzie Park's for a book of Gail Hamilton[;]* couldn't find it but got another.  Went up to Daniel Nowells with Father after dinner & then over to Mrs Doe's for Mary who had been spending the day there.  Had a nice call & got Mill on Liberty  Christopher Norths Essays & The Antiquary *

Thursday, December 9,1869.

Expected a letter from Cicely but it didn't come.  Went into Grandma's & read her a letter from Mrs Gordon in which there was a great 'comp' for me about my writing[. ] Mary & Sara[h] Lord & I went to ride in the afternoon.  A. Barker in the [evening?].  We all went to Charles Hobbs lecture which was capital.

Friday 10

Mr Goodwin was buried but none of us went.  Mary & I went over to Mrs Doe's with some onions for the old lady who is sick & she & the children & we went off to ride & had real fun --  Mary was up to Charlottes to tea --

Saturday 11

Very warm & pleasant.  Mary and Carrie and I went to ride.  I had a dear old letter from Ella.  Mother & Mary made some calls & Sarah Lord & M. & I went to the Raynes & Landons & Hobbs and Youngs.  Charles Hobbs with us to the [last?].

Sunday, December 12, 1869.

Went to Church all day.  Wrote Ella and Grace at noon.  Read some in Days of Yore and Helps over Hard places *  Walked up with Sarah Lord.  Mr Hayward preached horridly in the afternoon

Monday 13

Drew The finding of Excalibur for Ella Walworth & sent it to her.  It was in pen & ink.  Mary & I were asked to Sarah Lords to tea.  Carrie [Goodwin] was also sent for.  We had a real nice time.  I talked with Mr Lord before tea & afterwards we played Euchre --

Tuesday 14

Didn't go out except to the Post office   Wrote a little.  Copied The Little doll that Lied* and sent it to Young Folks.  Wrote Anna Fox about some earrings for Mary.  I'm awfully mad with Cicely Burt because she doesn't write.

[Note: Jewett’s poem, “The Little Doll that Lied” eventually appeared in St. Nicholas (1:595), August 1874.]

[Mrs Doe was over]
Wednesday, December 15, 1869.

Was at Grandma's in the morning   In the afternoon Sara[h] Lord, Mary and I called at Mrs Gilman's, Mrs Trafton Nealleys  [Laurie?] Nealleys, the Pike's & Charlottes and then went down to the Hayes'.  Lizzie Nealley was here all the evening -- & Charles Hobbs.

Thursday 16

Read in the morning & afternoon   Mary was piecing up the whatnot.  Mr DeNormandie came at 6 & Judge Doe was here to tea also.  Mr DeNormandie lectured on Palestine.  & I dont know when I have enjoyed anything so much.  We went to the Doe's after the lecture

Friday 17

Had so nice a letter as never was from my dearie and my chickie and my darling Ella.  In the afternoon we went to the Society at [Deacon] Nat Hobbs' and had a jolly time [illegible].  Sewed all the afternoon and had a steaming supper.  Mother & Mary & I drove up.  It was awfully bad sleighing.

Saturday, December 18, 1869.

Didn't go to sleep [illegible] at night [till five?] --  Letter from Anna.  I dont think I shall get Mary the earrings now for I dont know what to get.  Mary got a lot of candy at Stackpoles.

Sunday 19

Didn't go to church, for I didn't feel very well.  Wrote Ella.  Read magazines and wrote Sunday in much the same manner as usual.  Carrie has a very bad cold and so have I.

Monday 20

Mary & Mother were making cake all the morning.  I wasn't very well & therefore took some medicine.  I think Mrs Doe was over --  I had a letter from Cecily which I was glad enough to get --  as it was the first one --

Tuesday, December 21, l869.

I cut cake and [illegible] the rooms in the morning.  In the evening we had the Sociable, or girls club or what ever you call it.  More here than at any other place and we had a dance and a real good time --  Father was in Kennebunk.  

Wednesday 22

It rained very hard all day.  Lucky it wasn't yesterday.  Nelly [Jordan?] was in with Carrie & she played ever so long.  Father started off to Ogunquit about five, in all the storm.  Mary was at Sara[h] Lords with some cake for Charlotte   The Riverside came with the Shipwrecked Buttons in it & also a [charming?] note from the editor.

Thursday 23

Mary & I were out in search of [presents?] in the morning.  Grandpa came at half past ten.  I went to Eliot with father in the afternoon & had a splendid ride.  He was charming   I told him all about a story I am going to write & he told me of things.

Friday, December 24, 1869.

Mary & Grandpa went off before I was up.  I was travelling round all day after presents.  Was going down [to?] Mary Hayes in the P.m. & met her & she came up here.  Then I met Lizzie Nealley and we had some fun together & I went in [then?]    Was at Grandma's all the eve.  Her box of presents came from Boston -- I read the Buttons to her.

Saturday 25

A very poky Christmas.  All my presents except a cushion for Carrie either came before or are to come after today.  & that I dont like.  Read and was at Grandma's in the afternoon & also in the evening.  Walked with Sara[h] Lord most all the evening

Sunday 26

Didnt go to Church all day --  Wrote Ella, which is one of the pleasant things about Sunday.  I wish I could have a little talk with  her instead of writing.  Read a Sunday school book, Joseph the Jew, & some of Recreations of a Country Parson.*

[Note: Recreations of a Country Parson (1862) by Andrew Kennedy Hutchison Boyd (1825–1899).]

Monday, December 27, 1869.

Very rainy.  I went to the Post office twice, and was at Grandma's part of the evening.  Read the 1867 Atlantic and laid on the sofa almost all day for I had a lame side --  No one was in and it was dark and dreary.

Tuesday 28

Mary came in the morning quite unexpectedly.  She brought lots of candy and things.  I had a letter from Ella.  Mine was mostly written last week and a little bit at the end today   She had a high fever & that worries me awfully.  Was at the vestry in the P.m. & eve --   Sunday School festival,  great bore.

Wednesday 29

Went to Grandma's & the mail in the morning & walked a little while with Carrie.  In the afternoon, Mary & I went down to Annie Barker's & made a long call.  Mr Clark & Miss [Miggins?] called in the evening.  Read Atlantics after that --

Thursday, December 30, 1869.

Father's lecture was at night, on the Atmosphere & I enjoyed it very much.  Ever so many were there --  Sarah Lord was in  in the afternoon.  We went out in the kitchen.  They were making cookies & cake --

Friday 31

Got up quite early & had breakfast with Mary & Carrie.  [Illegible] a tongue and went out a little   Took my cheque down to the bank.  Went down to the Haywards right after dinner and worked all the afternoon on packing the basket and setting the table.  There was lots there.  And Marie Lord & Lizzie Nealley & Sara[h] Lord & lots of us were out in the kitchen helping & working.  They made the coffee at Mrs Yeatons.  There was loads left of course --  [Mr.?] Burleigh left the money in the parson's hand & the [dress?] for the parsoness upstairs   I read in bed & went to sleep very late --  So ends 1869. the happiest year I think I ever had [this entry extends onto the next page of the book, which has the format heading "Memoranda."] because my friends are dearer than ever; I have tried harder to be good, and I have had success in writing and in other things.  And my afflictions have been few and far between and my pleasures many.  E.W. is my best friend.  I hope I can say these same things next year.

[End of Daily Entries.
The next passage appears on the 3rd "Memoranda" page.]

There was a little crooked branch from one  of the old lilacs lying against one of the steps, which bore a certain grotesque resemblance to a human figure.  As she went up to the house Content saw it and with the strange sympathy for inanimate things [which?] we all have once [sometimes] in a while, she took it up with a little pang as across [she saw] one of its deformed arms was barely connected [nearly  broken] off  and carried it up and laid it in the grass under the little wall of box at the side --  For it looked as if it was [had been] trying to go there and and hopeless.  I daresay she had often forgotten [neglected] to help the people she knew --  up to the soft turf and the resting place of the hill they were trying to climb --

       [The next entry appears on  a "Cash Account. January" page]

'There' said he 'is a house wherein live [six] old maid ladies.  and one [illegible] Isn't it funny?  & The youngest is nearly fifty --  Little foretaste  of heaven'  Said I 'neither marrying or giving in marriage '

           [The next entry appears on a "Memoranda" page for cash accounting the follows a "Summary of Cash Account" page]

There are briers besetting every path
    That call for patient care
There is a crook in every lot
    And a need for earnest prayer
But a quiet heart that trusts in Thee
Is happy everywhere  --

        [The next entry appears two pages after the previous entry.]

Here lies buried ye body of
Samuel Plaisted Esq. Eldest son
of Col Ichabod Plaisted Esq
who departed this life March
ye 2  173(4)?  in ye 36 year of
his age.
Near him lies buried ye body
of Roger Plaisted Esq. grandfather
to the said Samuel Plaisted
>who was killed by ye Indians
October ye 11th aged 48
years --
Also ye body of his eldest son
Mr Roger Plaisted killed at
the same place & time as
his father


Inscription on the old flat gravestone at the Plaisted garrison burying ground on the Wallingford place, Berwick

          [The next entry appears on the page following the previous entry.]

Elizabeth Wiatt
Daur to John & Elizabeth
Wiatt.  Aged about
Eighteen Years -- Decd
March ye 15th


On the little slate gravestone close to the large tree, at Wallingfords.  This was a very beautiful & accomplished girl, according to some old lady who told father about her --

[Six "blank" pages following the above entries include 3 paper cutouts pasted in, and scribbled autographs and notes, and the following newspaper clipping pasted in from the articles of impeachment of Pres. A. Jackson) ]

     The adjournment resolution having been lost, there was nothing to do but for Mr. Williams to move his proposition, so that articles could be taken up in any order. This was agreed to unanimously, and at ten minutes past one, with a buzz of delight and disappointment, conjoined from the galleries, the Clark began reading article two, which all understood was the strongest of those remaining. Mr. Ross seemed to know that everybody was looking at him and in a moment he flushed red and moved nervously in his chair. The galleries, it was clear, hadn’t fully understood Mr. Anthony’s position, for there was quite a rustling as he answered “Guilty." Fessenden stood erect, with one hand on his desk and the other half way in his pocket, and pronounced his “Not Guilty," with clearness and deliberation. Fowler had recovered heart or voice. On a former occasion he spoke so low that it is yet almost a matter of controversy how he voted. To-day he replied in a tone that the galleries heard to the furthest corner. Grimes rose from his seat with difficulty and responded in a feeble but firm voice.

    Ross rose slowly and gravely when his name was called and stood with his hands clasped loosely in front, his face now red and now pallid, but not a tremor was visible about his body. The fifteen seconds in which the Chief Justice nervously recited the usual question was the most exciting time ever known in the hall of the Senate. Every eye was turned upon Ross, one of the smallest, youngest, and least influential members of the Senate, and from end to end, and side to side of the Chamber, everybody understood that he held on his lips the official life or death of Andrew Johnson, and in his power more of good or ill for the republic, than was ever before to be made or marred by one little word. The suspense, short as it was, was absolutely painful, and the galleries and Senate floor itself almost broke into a murmur of relief when he pronounced his “not guilty," and thus killed impeachment at a breath. There was nothing more of interest on the roll call, for it mattered not how Willey voted, except as he himself was concerned. At twenty-five minutes past one the defeat of the second article was announced.


[ End of the Diary ]

A Gathering of Entries on Jewett's Publishing Activity During 1869

5 August -- Was at Grandma's & she told me something I thought would be a good plot for a story & that night I sat up very late over it.
10 August – Sent off my story.  ["Mr. Bruce" by A. C. Eliot. Atlantic Monthly (24:701-710), December 1869.]
17 August – My story is accepted & I had a very nice note from the Atlantic
18 August -- In the afternoon Mary beguiled me into telling Father & Mother about my story -- I wish with all my heart I had never told any body: it seems as if it no longer belonged all to me.
20 September -- Finished the story I've been writing Spent the evening with Grandma.
21 September -- Copied 'The Ship wrecked Buttons' & it took me most all day. Read it to Grandma in the evening & spent the evening with her & we had a great talk
    ["The Shipwrecked Buttons" by Alice Eliot. Riverside Magazine (4:30-35), January 1870.]
1 November -- Got a note from the Editor of the Riverside saying he would like the Shipwrecked Buttons, which I now consider as being in a safe harbor!
17 November -- My story "Mr Bruce" is published -- in this months Atlantic.
24 November -- Had a letter from Cicely Burt -- I suppose the last I shall have till she is Mrs Sibley. She likes my story ever so much.
3 December -- Every body was talking [of] my story.
14 December -- Copied The Little doll that Lied and sent it to Young Folks.
    [Jewett’s poem, “The Little Doll that Lied” eventually appeared in St. Nicholas (1:595), August 1874.]
22 December -- The Riverside came with the Shipwrecked Buttons in it & also a [charming?] note from the editor.

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