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The Life of Nancy (1895)


Sarah Orne Jewett


The Life of Nancy / Atlantic Text
Fame's Little Day / Harper's Text
A War Debt / Harper's Text & Variants
The Hiltons' Holiday / Century Text
The Only Rose
A Second Spring
Little French Mary
The Guests of Mrs. Timms / Century Text
A Neighbor's Landmark / Century Text
All My Sad Captains / Century Text

Reviews of The Life of Nancy

Covers, Title Pages, Illustrations for The Life of Nancy

The Life of Nancy
has a somewhat confusing publication history, because the 1896 reprinting included a different text of "A War Debt." Included below are images of the 1895 cover and title page, the 1896 cover and title page, and the spine, frontispiece illustration, and title page of the 1910 posthumous edition.

The 1895 Edition

Images available courtesy of the Samuel Appleton Library of Lawrence University


Title Page

The 1896 Edition

Images available courtesy of the Bowdoin College Library


Title Page

The 1910 Edition

Images available courtesy of the Grinnell College Library

Spine Decoration

Frontispiece: The Old Captains

Title Page

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