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Alphabetical Title Index of Jewett's Works

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  (i) next to the title indicates that illustrations appear with the text.
  (?) next to the title indicates that this may not be an authentic Jewett work.
  (2) next to the title indicates that multiple texts can be found at this link.

At the end of this list is another list of
Some supporting texts -- biography, letter, etc.

About Hospitality - Uncollected Essays
Adventure, An - Contributor's Club (?)
After Christmas - Uncollected for Younger Readers
Afternoon in Holland, An - Uncollected Essays
All My Sad Captains - The Life of Nancy   (2, i)
An Artist's Search for the Picturesque (i)
Andrew's Fortune - Country By-Ways   (2)
Annual Report of the Boston Public Library
Appreciation Through Enjoyment - Contributor's Club (?)
An Artist's Search for the Picturesque - Uncollected Essays
Assurance - Verses 1916 - Poems
At the Funeral of Phillips Brooks - Atlantic Contributor's Club
At Home from Church - Verses 1916 - Poems
At Waking - Poems
Atlantic -- Contributor's Club -- a game of authorship
The Autograph Fiend -- Uncollected Essays
Aunt Cynthy Dallett - The Queen's Twin   (2,i)
Autumn Drive, An - Contributor's Club (?)
Autumn Holiday, An - Country By-Ways   (2, i)
Autumnal Nuisance, A - Contributor's Club (?)

Baby-House Famine, The - Poems
Baromenter of Gayety, A - Contributor's Club (?)
Bed-Room Book-Shelves - Uncollected Essays
Becket Girls' Tree, The  - Uncollected Stories
Berwick Academy Centennial - Uncollected Essays
Best China Saucer, The - Play Days
Betty Leicester
Betty Leicester's English Christmas
Between Mass and Vespers - A Native of Winby   (2 i)
Beyond the Toll-Gate - Play Days  (2)
Birds' Nests - Uncollected Essays
Bit of Foolishness, A - Uncollected for Young Readers     (i)
Bit of Shore Life, A - Old Friends and New  (2)

Boat Song - Verses 1916 - Poems
Bold Words at the Bridge - The Queen's Twin   (i)
Born Farmer, A - Uncollected Stories (i)
Boy With One Shoe, The - Uncollected for Young Readers
Brave Boy, A - Old Friends & New (Problem) (i)
Business Man, A - A White Heron
Buttons - Uncollected for Younger Readers
By the Morning Boat - Strangers and Wayfarers (2)

Caged Bird, A - Verses 1916 - Poems
Cake Crumbs - Uncollected for Young Readers  (i)
Carlyle in America - Manuscripts
Cartridges - Uncollected for Young Readers
Change of Heart, A - Uncollected Stories
Child's Grave, A - Verses 1916 - Poems
Christmas Eyes, The - Uncollected for Young Readers
Christmas Guest, A - Uncollected Stories
Church Mouse, The -  Uncollected for Young Readers  (i)
Club for Little Hercules, A - Contributor's Club  (?)
Color Cure, A - Contributor's Club (?)
Confession of a House-Breaker, The - The Mate of the Daylight  (2)
Coon Dog, The - The Queen's Twin   (2, i)
Counted Out - Uncollected for Young Readers   (i)

Country Boy in Winter, A - Poems
Country By-Ways
Country Doctor, A
Country of the Pointed Firs, The (2)
Courting of Sister Wisby, The - Tales of New England
Courting of Sister Wisby, The - The King of Folly Island (2)
Cure for Vampire Women, A - Contributor's Club (?)

Dan's Wife - Uncollected Stories
Dark Carpet, A - Uncollected Stories
Dark Night, A - Uncollected Stories
Daybreak - Poems
Day's Secret, A - Poems
Decoration Day - A Native of Winby (2)
Deephaven Cronies
Deephaven Excursions
Deplorable Improvements - Contributor's Club (?)
Desert Islanders, The - Play Days
Discontent - Poems   (i)
Discontent - Verses 1916 - Poems

Doctors and Patients - Uncollected Essays
Dolly Franklin's Decision & A Good Girl - Uncollected for Young Readers   (i, 2)
Domestic Touches in Fiction - Contributor's Club (?)
Dulham Ladies, The - A White Heron
Dulham Ladies, The - Tales of New England  (3)
Dunluce Castle - Poems
Dunluce Castle - Verses 1916 - Poems
Dunnet Shepherdess, A - The Queen's Twin

Eagle Trees, The - Poems
Elleneen - Uncollected Stories   (i)
Empty Purse, An -- Uncollected Stories
Every-Day Girl, An - Uncollected Stories  (i)
Every-Day Work - Uncollected Essays

Failure of David Berry, The - A Native of Winby (2)
Fair Day - Strangers and Wayfarers (2)
Fallen Oak, The - Verses 1916 - Poems
Fame's Little Day - The Life of Nancy   (2,i)
Fame's Tribute to Children - Uncollected Essays  (i)
Family Life in America - Curiosities
Farmer Finch - A White Heron   (2,i)
Farmer's Sorrow, A - Poems
Financial Failure, A - Uncollected Stories  (i)
First Sunday in June, The - Uncollected Stories
Fitting Appreciation -- Miscellaneous
Flight of Betsey Lane, The - A Native of Winby   (2,i)
Flowers in the Dark - Verses 1916 - Poems
Foreigner, The - Uncollected Stories
Friendship - Poems (?)
[French Bread] - Poems
French Country Girl, A - Uncollected Essays
From a Mournful Villager - Country By-Ways  (2)
From Venice to One at Home -- Uncollected Essays
Four-Leaved Clover, A - Verses 1916 - Poems   (i)

Garden Story, A  - Uncollected Stories
Girl with the Cannon Dresses, The - Uncollected for Young Readers
Gloucester Mother, The - Poems
Gloucester Mother, The - Verses 1916 - Poems
Going to Shrewsbury - Strangers and Wayfarers (2)
Good Inheritance, A - Contributor's Club (?)
Good Luck: A Girl's Story - Country By-Ways (2)
Good Society Novels - Contributor's Club (?)
Gray Man, The - A White Heron
Gray Mills of Farley, The - Uncollected Stories   (i)
Green Bonnet, The - Uncollected for Young Readers   (i)
Green Bowl, The - Uncollected Stories
Grown-Up - Uncollected for Young Readers
Growtown Bugle, The - Uncollected Stories
Guest at Home, A - Uncollected Stories
Guests of Mrs. Timms, The - The Life of Nancy (2)

Half-Done Polly - Play Days
Hallowell's Pretty Sister- Uncollected Stories
Hare & the Tortoise, The - Uncollected Stories
Hiltons' Holiday, The - The Life of Nancy (2)
Honey Tree, The - Uncollected Stories
House that Ran Away, The -- Uncollected for Young Readers
Human Documents - Uncollected Essays

In a Christmas Letter - Poems
In a County Practice  (i)
In a Hurry - Poems
In Dark New England Days - Strangers and Wayfarers   (2, i)

Jack's Merry Christmas - Uncollected for Young Readers
Jakes's Holiday - Uncollected for Young Readers
Jenny Garrow's Lovers - Uncollected Stories
Jim's Little Woman - A Native of Winby (2)
June Beetles - Uncollected Essays

Katy's Birthday - Uncollected for Young Readers   (i)
King of Folly Island and Other People
King of Folly Island, The - The King of Folly Island   (2,i)
Kitten's Ghost, The - Play Days

Lady Ferry - Old Friends and New
Landless Farmer, The - The Mate of the Daylight (2)
Landlocked Sailor, A - Uncollected Stories
Landscape Chamber, The - The King of Folly Island (2)
Late Supper, A - Old Friends and New  (2)
Law Lane - Tales of New England   (2, i)
Law Lane - The King of Folly Island   (i)
Leaflet, A - Contributor's Club (?)
Letters -- A Collection
Letters - Edited by Annie Fields
Letter to Indianapolis School Children - Miscellaneous
Life of Nancy, The  (collection)
Life of Nancy, The - The Life of Nancy (2)

Little Captive Maid, A - A Native of Winby (2)
Little Doll that Lied, The - Verses 1916 - Poems
Little French Mary - The Life of Nancy
Little Jimmy - Old Friends & New (Problem)  (i)
Little Traveler, A - The Mate of the Daylight  (2)
Lonely Worker, A - Uncollected Essays
Looking Back on Girlhood - Uncollected for Young Readers
Lost Doll, A - Poems
Lost Lover, A - Old Friends and New  (3)
Lost Lover, A - Tales of New England
Lost Turkey, The - Uncollected for Young Readers   (i)
Luck of the Bogans, The - Strangers and Wayfarers   (2, i)
Lucky People - Uncollected Essays

Marigold House - Play Days   (2, i)
Marsh Island, A    (2)
Marsh Rosemary - A White Heron (2)
Marsh Rosemary - Tales of New England  (2)
Martha's Lady - The Queen's Twin     (2)
Mary and Martha - A White Heron
The Mate of the Daylight, and Friends Ashore
Mate of the Daylight, The - The Mate of the Daylight (2)
Materials for American Fiction - Contributor's Club  (?)
Memory, A - Contributor's Club (?)
Mére Pochette - The King of Folly Island     (2)
Misdirected Energy - Uncollected Essays
Miss Becky's Pilgrimage - Country By-Ways  (2)
Miss Debby's Neighbors - The Mate of the Daylight
Miss Esther's Guest - A Native of Winby
Miss Manning's Minister- Uncollected Stories
Miss Peck's Promotion - The King of Folly Island    (2) (i)
Miss Sidney's Flowers - Old Friends and New
Miss Tempy's Watchers - Tales of New England
Miss Tempy's Watchers - The King of Folly Island  (3)
Missing - Poems
Mistress of Sydenham Plantation, The - Strangers and Wayfarers
Mrs. Osgood of Bar Mills - Uncollected Essays
Mrs. Parkins's Christmas Eve - Uncollected Stories   (i)
Mr. Bruce - Old Friends and New  (2)
MS-Sonnet -- Poems
My Friend the Housekeeper - Play Days   (i)
My School Days -- Uncollected Essays

Nancy's Doll - Play Days
A Native of Winby and Other Tales
Native of Winby, A - A Native of Winby
Nature's Music - Contributor's Club  (?)
Neighbor's Landmark, A - The Life of Nancy   (2, i)
New Methuselah, The - Uncollected Stories  (2)
New Neighbors - Uncollected Stories
New Parishioner, A - The Mate of the Daylight  (2)
News from Petersham, The - A White Heron  (2)
New-Year Guests, The (Aunt Cynthy Dallett) - The Queen's Twin  (2)
Night Before Thanksgiving, The - The Queen's Twin
A Night in June - Poems
Normans, The -- Miscellaneous

Oak Galls - Contributor's Club  (?)
October Ride, An - Country By-Ways
Old Doll, The - Poems
Old Friends and New
Old English Songs (i)
Old Town of Berwick, The - Uncollected Essays   (i)
Old Town of Berwick - Holograph
Only a Doll - Poems
On New Year's Eve - Poems
On Star Island - Poems   (i)
Only Rose, The - The Life of Nancy
Only Son, An - Tales of New England  (2)
Only Son, An - The Mate of the Daylight (2)
Orchard's Grandmother, The - Uncollected for Young Readers  (i)
Outgrown Friends - Uncollected Essays

Painter's Snug Corner, A - Contributor's Club (?)
Paper Roses - Uncollected Stories & Essays
Parshley Celebration, The - Uncollected for Young Readers (i)
Passing of Sister Barsett, The - A Native of Winby   (i)
Patty's Dull Christmas - Play Days
Patty's Long Vacation - Uncollected for Young Readers
Peachtree Joe- Uncollected Stories
Peg's Little Chair - Uncollected for Young Readers  (i)
Pepper-Owl, The - Play Days   (2, i)
Perseverance - Poems
Pinch of Salt, A - Uncollected Stories  (2, i)
Play Days
Player Queen, A - Uncollected Stories
Plea for Front Yards - Uncollected Essays
Plea of Insanity, The - Uncollected Essays
Pleasant Rooms - Contributor's Club (?)
The Poems of Celia Thaxter
Prissy's Visit - Play Days
Protoplasm and House-Cleaning - Uncollected Essays

Q / R
Queen's Twin, The (collection)
Queen's Twin, The -- The Queen's Twin    (2)
Quest of Mr. Teaby, The - Strangers and Wayfarers (2)
The Quiet Scholar -- Uncollected Stories
Reading for Young Women --Uncollected Essays
River Driftwood - Country By-Ways     (2)

Sarah Orne Jewett's Cat -- Biography
Sarah Orne Jewett's Dog -- Biography   (i)
Sarah Orne Jewett Letters (Cary)
Second Spring, A - The Life of Nancy   (i)
Sheltered - Poems
Shipwrecked Buttons, The - Play Days
Shore House, The
Sister Peacham's Turn - Uncollected Stories
[Sonnet on Meeting Emerson] - Poems
Sorrowful Guest, A - Old Friends and New
Soul of the Sunflower, The - Poems

Sparrow's Mourners, The - Poems
Spendthrift Doll, The - Verses 1916 - Poems
Spring Sunday, A - Uncollected Stories  (i)
Spur of the Moment, The - Uncollected Stories
Stage Tavern, The - Uncollected for Young Readers  (i)
Star Island - Verses 1916 - Poems   (i)
Stolen Pleasures - Uncollected Stories
Strangers and Wayfarers

Taking of Captain Ball, The - Strangers and Wayfarers   (2, i)
Tales of New England
Tame Indians - Uncollected for Young Readers
Thaxter, two Prefaces - Uncollected Essays
Th. Bentzon - Contributor's Club  (?)
T. H. Jewett (Obituary) - Uncollected Essays
Three Friends - Uncollected Stories

Together - Verses 1916 - Poems
Told in a Tavern - Uncollected Stories
Tom's Husband - The Mate of the Daylight  (2)
To My Father I - Verses 1916 - Poems
To My Father II - Verses 1916 - Poems
Top of the Hill - Verses 1916 - Poems

Tory Lover, The
Town Clerks, Uncollected for Young Readers
Town Poor, The - Strangers and Wayfarers  (2)
Tree Planting - Contributor's Club (?)
Tribute to Whittier - Uncollected Essays
Turtle Club, The - Uncollected for Young Readers
Two Mornings - Poems   (i)
Two Musicians - Poems
Two Browns, The - A White Heron (2)

U - V
Ungathered Flowers - Contributor's Club (?)
Unlearned Lessons -- Uncollected for Young Readers
Verses (selected poems) - Poems
Verses for a Letter - Poems
Verses (2 sonnets)
Village Patriot, A - Uncollected Stories  (2,i)
Village Shop, A - The King of Folly Island
Visit Next Door - Uncollected Stories

Waiting - Poems   (i)
Waiting at Fourscore - Poems
War Debt, A - The Life of Nancy   (i, 2)
Water Dolly, The - Play Days   (2, i)
Way Station, A - Uncollected Stories
When Lady, When Woman - Curiosities
Where's Nora? - The Queen's Twin   (i)
White Heron, A, and Other Stories
White Heron, A - A White Heron
White Heron, A - Tales of New England  (2)
White Rose Road, The - Strangers and Wayfarers  (2)
Widows House, The - Verses 1916 - Poems
Wild Rose, A - Poems
William's Wedding - Uncollected Stories
Winter Courtship, A - Strangers and Wayfarers  (2)
Winter Drive, A - Country By-Ways
Winter Flies - Contributor's Club (?)
Would Women Vote? - Uncollected Essays
Woodchucks - Play Days
Woodland Mysteries - Contributor's Club (?)
Word from a Neighbor, A - Uncollected Essays
Wrong Side of Clubs, The - Uncollected for Young Readers

Yellow Kitten, The - Play Days
York Garrison: 1640 - Poems  (i)

Some Supporting Texts

See Related Texts for a serendipitous collection of texts I have encountered in my work on Sarah Orne Jewett.  Most are not readily available to general readers.  I am persuaded that they help to provide interesting contexts for her work.

Anonymous Biographical Pieces

Pleasant Day with Miss Jewett, 1895
Sarah Orne Jewett and Her Maine Home, 1901
Sarah Orne Jewett at Home, 1895
Sarah Orne Jewett: A Visit to Her Home, 1901
Summer Homes of Women Who Write, 1901

Authored Biographical Pieces and Letters

An Aldrich Note, 1889

Donahue, Marie.  A Story about Mary Rice Jewett, 2002

Fields, Annie.  Selected Works
Fields, Annie.  Diary of a West Indian Island Tour

Jewett-Eastman House -- Jewett's Early Home
Jewett Family Graves -- South Berwick, ME
Jewett, Mary Rice -- Recollections of Whittier

Dunnack, Florence.  "Little Kennebec," 1939

History and Genealogy of the Jewetts in America

Howe, Mark D., from Memories of a Hostess, 1922

Letter from W. D. Howells
Letters from Celia Thaxter
Letters from Sarah Wyman Whitman
Letters from John Greenleaf Whittier

Muirhead, Annie.  from "Habits of Authors," 1899

Parsons, Theophilus. The Professor's Letters (1891)
Poetic Tributes to Sarah Orne Jewett

Spofford, Harriet P.  A Little Book of Friends, 1916

The Tory Lover - A selection of related sources

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