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The Mate of the Daylight, and Friends Ashore
by Sarah Orne Jewett



The Mate of the Daylight & the Atlantic  Text
The Landless Farmer & the Atlantic Text
A New Parishioner  & the Atlantic Text
An Only Son  & the Atlantic Text
Miss Debby's Neighbors
Tom's Husband  & the Atlantic Text
The Confession of a House-Breaker & The Atlantic Text
A Little Traveler & the Good Company Text

Reviews of The Mate of the Daylight

This book is dedicated: "To A. F."

Richard Cary affirms that "A. F." is Annie Fields (1834-1915). Cary says, the "wife of the publisher James T. Fields, earned her own fame as poet and biographer. After Fields's death in 1881, Miss Jewett and Mrs. Fields became inseparable companions, visiting extensively at each others' homes, and traveling together in the United States, on four European tours, and a Caribbean cruise" (Cary, Sarah Orne Jewett Letters, p. 47).

Title Page of 1884 Edition

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