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"Darby and Joan" by James Lynam Molloy (1837-1909)

The following is reproduced from Heart Songs: Dear to the American People, edited by Joe Mitchell Chapple (New York: World Publishing Co.), 1950.

J. L. Molloy was born in Ireland, the son of a physician. He was educated at St. Edmund's College and at the catholic university Dublin, graduating in 1858. He studied law in London, Paris, and Bonn, and was called to the bar in 1863. In 1889, he became private chamberlain to Pope Leo XIII. According to the Dictionary of National Biography (Supplement II, 1901-1911), Molloy wrote and published many popular songs between 1865 and 1900, including "Love's Old Sweet Song."

After the lyrics, you will find a copy of the music.

Transcription of the Lyrics

Darby dear, we are old and gray, / Fifty years since our wedding day,
Shadow and sun for ev'ry one / As the years roll on:
Darby dear, when the world went wry, / Hard and sorrowful then was I.
Ah! lad, how you cheer'd me then. / "Things will be better, sweet wife, again!"

Always the same, Darby my own,
Always the same to your old wife Joan,
Always the same to your old wife Joan.

Darby dear, but my heart was wild / When we buried our baby child,
Until you whispered "Heav'n knows best!" / And my heart found rest;
Darby dear, 'twas your loving hand / Showed me the way to the better land;
Ah! lad, as you kissed each tear, / Life grew better and heav'n more near:

Hand in hand when our life was May, / Hand in hand when our hair is gray,
Shadow and sun for ev'ry one / As the years roll on;
Hand in hand when the long night-tide / Gently covers us side by side:
Ah! lad, though we know not when, / Love will be with us forever then:

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