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The Normans

Told Chiefly in Relation to their Conquest of England 

Sarah Orne Jewett


I.  The Men of the Dragon Ships
II.  Rolf the Ganger
III. William Longsword
IV.  Richard the Fearless
V.  Duke Richard the Good
VI.  Robert the Magnificent
VII. The Normans in Italy
VIII. The Youth of William the Conqueror
IX.  Across the Channel
X. The Battle of Val-Ès-Dunes
XI. The Abbey of Bec
XII. Matilda of Flanders
XIII.  Harold the Englishman
XIV.  News from England
 XV.  The Battle of Hastings
XVI.  William the Conqueror
XVII.  Kingdom and Dukedom
XVIII.  Conclusion
England After The Norman Conquest (1891)

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The Story of the Nations Series

Jewett's Argument in The Story of the Normans

Jewett, Nordicism and Race


New York
G. P. Putnam's Sons
Copyright 1886

Text from 1905 revised edition, published as The Normans

My Dear Grandfather
Doctor WILLIAM PERRY, of Exeter

Notes on the Dedication

Dr. Perry died in January 1887.

    A draft of what appears to be a different dedication is labeled: (one sheet of paper, property of Burton W. F. Trafton, Jr., South Berwick, Maine).  This is collected in transcriptions from mixed repositories in the Maine Women Writer's Collection, University of New England, Letters from Sarah Orne Jewett, 1875-1890, Folder 74, Burton Trafton Jewett Research Collection. For more information about the individual transcription, contact the Maine Women Writers Collection.  Preparation by Linda Heller; edited by Terry Heller.

Draft of an alternate Dedication and Acknowledgments

In writing this history I have tried to emphasize the growth and supremacy of the Normans as one of the great advances and uplifts of civilization a wave of advance, a higher tide rather, that makes new coastlines along the shore of time.

If I have dwelt much longer upon some men's stories than others in themselves equally interesting it has been in accordance with the wise suggestion of Guizot. [Quote]

I must acknowledge my debt to the histories of Freeman and Guizot and Palgrave Thierry & Laing as well as to Mr. Green[,] Prof. Guest & Prof. Johnson also my personal gratitude to my friends Mrs. Fields of Boston and Miss Ticknor to whom I dedicate my book although with a painful sense of its difficiencies [so transcribed].  I would be most glad if it could mark my deep sense of her generous work for America in her plan and deboled [so transcribed].  Carrying forward of the Society for the Encouragement of (American Authors?)

Copyright & Publication

The copyright date for The Story of the Normans, according to WorldCat entries is 1886, though the first publication date usually is listed as 1887.  Reprintings were frequent until 1905. Beginning in 1891, the volume was printed under two titles:

    1.  The Story of the Normans, told chiefly in relation to their conquest of England (Original title),
    2.  The Normans, told chiefly in relation to their conquest of England.  (London: T. Fisher Unwin) 
See "Printings and Sales" above for details.
        Hathi Trust    1887 edition
        Google Books    1891 edition


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G. P. Putnam

Frontispiece.   Birthplace of William the Conqueror.  Falaise.

Fold-out map.  Europe at the close of the 11th Century.

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