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Play Days

The Pepper-Owl

Sarah Orne Jewett

Table of Differences between the Play Days text and the St. Nicholas text.

Consistent Differences
In Play Days, Pepper-owl and Fluffy-Owl are always capitalized. In St. Nicholas, they are capitalized only when they appear as part of a title or, as in the last paragraph, when used as the name of the owl.

Paragraph Play Days St. Nicholas
2 holding it against the light holding it toward the light
5 look so fine on the table look so nice on the table
6 eating too much pepper;" but eating too much pepper," - but
6 anything that bit her tongue anything biting to the tongue
9 when she was walking out one day when she was out walking one day
9 corner of the case, looking very lonely corner of the case, seeming very lonely
9 look at the little bird once more look at the little owl once more
9 and promised to make and he promised to make
12 and as I have told you she liked him, and, as I have told you, she liked him,
14 this, the little girl heard something this, our little friend heard something
14 At last it came flying  Finally it came flying 
16 sometimes though to be sure sometimes, though, to be sure
19 who felt much ashamed who felt much mortified
20 see the silver-owl walk see the silver owl walk
21 on the smooth, hard wood on the smooth, hard wood,
28 "And are the stars too far?" asked Patty. "And are the stars too far?" said Patty.
30 their best clothes wear out their nice clothes wear out
32 Patty now thought that Patty thought now that
32 she wished Patty might never she wished Patty need never
32 She had been kept in the bed She had had to stay in the bed
32 trying to teach them to play trying to learn them to play
33 to have nothing to offer their guests. to have no refreshments for them.
34 little kitten separately and then little kitten separately, and then
39 sorry to say good-by, though sorry to say good-bye, though
40 longer; but as they could longer; and as they could
41 this was not much trouble this did not seem much trouble
41 the next week, "How fast Patty grows the next week: "How fast Patty grows
43 In the morning it was Patty's In the morning, it was Patty's

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Play Days