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Jewett's Poems

Sarah O. Jewett

Did you send out a little white moth
   On an errand to-night?
For one hovered and lingered about
   With a flutter so light:

A tired little moth, with his wings
   Like a flower that had blown
All away on the breath of a wind
   That had kissed it and flown.

Did you tell him to hurry, and fly
   Through the shadows so fast,
Because I would wait all alone
   Till the twilight was past?

For later the lamps would be lit,
   And I should go down
To listen to laughter and talk
   Of the news of the town.

But my own time is just at the hour
   While the clouds fade away; --
I could not help wishing for you,
   And my thoughts were astray.

And the little white moth fluttered in
   With the love you had sent;
My heart in that minute could tell
   Just the words you had meant.

I knew we were so far apart,
   I was tired and sad;
But the little moth brought me your love,
   And then I was glad.

"Verses for a Letter" appeared in Atlantic Monthly (45:568-569) in April 1880.

Edited by Terry Heller, Coe College.

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Jewett's Poems