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Tales of New England

by Sarah Orne Jewett



Miss Tempy's Watchers
The Dulham Ladies
An Only Son
Marsh Rosemary
A White Heron
Law Lane
A Lost Lover
The Courting of Sister Wisby

Reviews of Tales of New England



Portrait & Autograph from frontispiece of 1907 Edition
(Courtesy of University of Iowa Library)
Title Page from 1894 Reprinting

Jewett comments on Tales of New England

From a March 1890 letter to Horace Scudder at The Atlantic (Cary, Letters), 63. "I wished to ask you at once if it would not be better to push this book through and let it come out before summer, since it simply makes one of a series, and if I should make up another volume of short stories in the autumn they might get into each other's way and 'trip up!' You see, I betray a sad lack of confidence in my children! You do not express disapproval of the title which I put on the cover: Tales of New England. It says itself well and easily and perhaps will do as well as another, though I was not sure of that at first. You do not think it too ambitious? But what are they Tales of, if not -----? -----!"

Title page of the 1894 Reprinting

title tne

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