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The Queen's Twin and Other Stories, 1899

by Sarah Orne Jewett


The Queen's Twin / Atlantic text
A Dunnet Shepherdess  / Atlantic text
Where's Nora?
Bold Words at the Bridge
Martha's Lady / Atlantic text
The Coon Dog / Century text
Aunt Cynthy Dallett / Harper's Bazar text
The Night before Thanksgiving

Reviews of The Queen's Twin

Susan Burley Cabot

According to Richard Cary, Susan Burley Cabot (1822-1907) was a close friend of Jewett. Jewett spent part of each winter at the older woman's home. Cabot was married to the former mayor of Salem, MA, Joseph S. Cabot (Sarah Orne Jewett Letters p. 87).  In the 1907 codicil to her will, Jewett mentions a legacy from Susan B. Cabot.


Weber & Weber in A Bibliography of the Published Works of Sarah Orne Jewett describe several variations of the first edition of this book, with dark gray, light green, and yellow cloth with silver lettering and decoration, and also a version with green cloth and gold decorations. Images of this last edition are available here.

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