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Table of Differences for Chapters 10 - 12

Sarah Orne Jewett

The Atlantic Monthly Serialization

- The Atlantic Monthly text has no chapter titles or epigraphs.  These were added to the First Edition text.
- The first word of each section in the Atlantic Monthly text appears in "small caps" font.
- "Gundelow" in the Atlantic text becomes "gundalow" in the first edition text.

Chapter 10

Paragraph  First Edition Text  Atlantic Monthly Text
but Miss Hamilton, without but Mary, without
our way, she'll take it master hard  our way, she's took it master hard 
for general conversation.
   Mary Hamilton paddled steadily
for general conversation.

   Mary Hamilton paddled steadily

wind was driving the ebbing tide wind had driven the ebbing tide
the landing-place the landing place
the President of the Province and many of the chief men the President and many of the chief men of the Province
in the Queen's Chapel at Portsmouth

Mary Hamilton prayed

in old St. John's at Portsmouth

Mary Hamilton had prayed

Rodney, the chief house servant Rodney, the house servant
carefully down the steps again; carefully down the stairs again,
the familiar house.  Once Rodney the familiar house.
       Once Rodney
gentle to her dis day gentle with her dis day
the dining-room the dining room


Chapter 11

Paragraph  First Edition Text  Atlantic Monthly Text
white knitting-work

She had manner rather than manners

white knitting work

She had manners rather than manner

 Madam Wallingford.  The march of events   Madam Wallingford.
     The march of events 
so nothing could be done so that nothing could be done
could go on: yet something could go on; yet something
this change until he said this change till he said
the Loyalists had frightened him the Loyalists had frighted him
sudden knowledge of new happiness sudden happiness
and with dull candlelight

in his best characters, when

and with dullest candlelight

in his best plays, when

Mary could not understand Mary did not understand
The candlelight in the upper The candle-light in the upper
I called to them from the door to come I called from the door to them to come
as if to listen, as the patient as if to listen as the patient


Chapter 12

Paragraph  First Edition Text  Atlantic Monthly Text
cleared the Banks with

such thorough-going sailors

cleared the Banks, with

such thoroughgoing sailors

in this surprising moment 

it was the time

in that surprising moment 

't was the time

see him get a black stripe

when he seen Mr. Wallin'ford

for pity of his folks

seen him get a black stripe

when he see Mr. Wallin'ford

for pity o' his folks

crumpled clothing hanging out crumpled cloth hanging out
It was a manly crew 'T was a manly crew
pleasant countenance unaltered pleasant countenance, unaltered
forlorn abiding-place forlorn abiding place
close hauled

to lay her clear down


to lay her down

appeared to be surly appeared surly
said Cooper, compassionately said Cooper compassionately
pass me his linning handkicher pass me his linning hankicher
ain't had three hours sleep

through the sky-light

ain't had three hours' sleep

through the skylight

mouth o' hell." mouth o' hell!"
"What a farmer you be," "What a farmer you be!"

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