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Works related to The Tory Lover

This is a selection of works that are connected in various ways with Jewett's The Tory Lover.
Suggestions for additions are welcome.

By Jewett

A Dark Night
Looking Back on Girlhood
The Old Town of Berwick
Peg's Little Chair
The Normans
River Driftwood
York Garrison

By Others

Abell, "The Prisons Ashore"
Amory. The Life of James Sullivan
Beals, Passaconaway in the White Mountains
Brewster, Rambles about Portsmouth
Jonathan Hamilton Sketch
 Pirsig/Keim, Pine Hill
Hofer, Jonathan Hamilton
Jordan, "Master John Sullivan and Sons"

Lord.  Black Sara
Mather, Magnalia Christi Americana
Parton. Life of Voltaire
Parton. Life & Times of Benjamin Franklin
Williamson.  The History of the State of Maine


Sources on John Paul Jones & the Ranger

Anonymous.  Local Account of the Whitehaven Raid, 1778
Anonymous.  Review of Sherburne's Life and Character ..., 1852
Anonymous.  Harper Sketch of John Paul Jones, 1855
Buell.  Paul Jones, 1900
Churchill.  from Richard Carvel, 1899
Green.  Diary of Ezra Green, 1777-8, 1875
Lossing, from Our Country, 1877
Mahan, John Paul Jones in the Revolution, 1898
Otis.  Life of John Paul Jones, 1900
Sands. Life ... John Paul Jones, 1830
Seawell.  Paul Jones, 1895

The Tory Lover -- Contents