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Sarah Orne Jewett's Sources for The Tory Lover

This is a partial list of sources available to Jewett for her research on The Tory Lover. It is likely that she read many of these.

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    This book is available on-line at

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Other Sources

     This is a list of sources used for developing background information on Maine and New Hampshire geography and biography.

Abell, Francis. Prisoners of War in Britain 1756-1815. 1914.

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Robinson, Dennis. John Paul Jones web site:

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 ____. "Sligo and Vicinity"

*Stilgoe, John R. Common Landscape of America, 1580-1845.

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These notes would not be possible without extensive help from many people and organizations.  The Berwick Academy, Coe College, the Old Berwick Historical Society, the Jewett-Eastman Memorial Committee, the Portsmouth Atheneum, the South Berwick Public Library, and others provided material and intellectual support and facilities.  Members of the Old Berwick Historical Society, especially Tim and Karen Benoit, Rick Coughlin, Brad Fletcher, Norma Keim, Wendy Pirsig, and Nancy and Gary Wetzel, also provided material and intellectual support.  The Soceity for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, in the persons of Martha Sulya and Jan Harney, helped with the research.  Travis Feltman became my researcher on the French setting and characters.  Graham Frater has done wonderful research and photography for the British settings.  Many others are unnamed here, though their names may be seen scattered among the various notes where they made special contributions.  What is best about these materials I owe to these good friends and partners.
  Terry Heller, Coe College
The Tory Lover -- Contents