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The Tory Lover
Sarah Orne Jewett

T. J. E.


I.  The Sea Wolf
II. The Parting Feast
III.  The Character of Honor
IV. The Flowering of Whose Face
V.  The Challenge
VI. The Captain Speaks
VII.  The Sailing of the Ranger
VIII.  The Major's Hospitalities
IX.  Brother and Sister
X. Against Wind and Tide
XI.  That Time of Year
XII.  Between Decks
XIII.  The Mind of the Doctor
XIV.  To Add More Grief
XV.  The Coast of France
XVI.  It is the Soul that Sees
XVII.  The Remnant of Another Time
XVIII.  Oh Had I Wist!
XIX.  The Best Laid Plans
XX.  Now Are We Friends Again?
XXI.  The Captain Gives an Order
XXII.  The Great Commissioner
XXIII.  The Salute to the Flag
XXIV.  Whitehaven
XXV.  A Man's Character
XXVI.  They Have Made Prey of Him
XXVII.  A Prisoner and Captive
XXVIII.  News at the Landing
XXIX.  Peggy Takes the Air
XXX.  Madam Goes to Sea
XXXI.  The Mill Prison

XXXII. The Golden Dragon
** Chapter title error?
XXXIII.  They Come to Bristol
XXXIV.  Good English Hearts
XXXV.  A Stranger at Home
XXXVI.  My Lord Newburgh's Kindness
XXXVII.  The Bottom of these Miseries
XXXVIII.  Full of Straying Streets
XXXIX.  Mercy and Manly Courage
XL.  The Watcher's Light
XLI.  An Offered Opportunity
XLII.  The Passage Inn
XLIII.  They Follow the Dike
XLIV.  The Road's End
XLV.  With the Flood Tide

Supplementary Materials

Illustrations by the Woodburys
Chronology of J. P. Jones
Crew of the Ranger
People & Places
Extended Notes
Related Works by Jewett & Others
Reviews & Comments
The Atlantic Monthly Serialization
Jewett's Sources & Other Sources


T. J. E.:  Theodore Jewett Eastman, Jewett's nephew.
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XXXII. The Golden Dragon:  This chapter title appears to be an error, because there is no golden dragon in the novel.  In this chapter Mary and Madam Wallingford journey to England on the Golden Dolphin.
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Note on the Text

Except that most ordinary contractions have been closed (did n't becomes didn't), this text is intended to duplicate the 1901 first edition of The Tory Lover.  It has been checked against the 1975 Old Berwick Historical Society edition, an exact photographic reprinting of the first edition.  Apparent errors in the text have been marked with brackets [ ]; and these have been checked against the 1901 reprint edition, which has exactly the same errors (except for a correction of removing a comma from the opening quotation on p. 268).  Illustrations are from the 1901 reprint edition.

Edited and annotated by Terry Heller, Coe College.
With assistance of:  Travis Feltman, Gabe Heller, Linda Heller, the staff of Stewart Memorial Library, Coe College, and many other individuals and organizations acknowledged in the notes.

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