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A Selection of Texts Related to the Works of Sarah Orne Jewett

This is serendipitous collection of texts I have encountered in my work on Sarah Orne Jewett.  Most are not readily available to general readers.  I am persuaded that they help to provide interesting contexts for her work.

Anonymous pieces

Man and Woman, 1853
Paradise Found: The Cradle of the Human Races at the North Pole, 1885
The Voting of Women, 1883

Other Materials

Aldrich, Thomas B.  "Odd Sticks, And Certain Reflections Concerning Them," 1889
Aldrich, Thomas B.  "Unguarded Gates,"  1892
The Boy's Book of Indian Battles and Adventures, 1860, 1861

Jeremy Belknap. The History of  New Hampshire, 1812
Blanc, Madame Marie Therese de Solms, from The Condition of Woman in the United States, 1895
Buckle, Henry Thomas.  The Influence of Women on the Progress of Knowledge, 1858
Bushnell, Horace. Woman Suffrage: The Reform Against Nature.  1869

Coleman, Emma Lewis. New England Captives Carried to Canada, 1925
Cooke, Rose Terry.  Miss Dorcas's Opinion, 1884

Davis, Rebecca Harding.  A Woman's Message, 1882
Donahue, Marie.  A Story about Mary Rice Jewett, 2002

Emory, E. B.  About a Career, 1883

Selected Works of Annie Adams Fields

Halfred.  A Few Words about Woman's Work, 1884
William Hubbard. A Narrative of the Troubles with the Indians in New-England. 1677
Charles Cushing Hobbs Talk, 1902
Hunt, Livingston.  Society in Washington, 1897

Jackson, Helen Hunt.  from A Century of Dishonor, 1881
Jacobi, Mary.  Shall Women Practice Medicine? 1882

Lafayette -- 2 accounts of his 1825 visit to South Berwick
Ledyard, Hope.  A Word to a Tired Woman, 1883

Mather, Cotton.  from Magnalia Christi Americana, the Salmon Falls Raid of 1689/90
Mill, Harriet Taylor. Enfranchisement of Women, 1851
Morton, Thomas. from New English Canaan, 1637

Phelps, Austin. Reform in the Political Status of Woman, 1881
Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart.  Dr. Zay, 1882
Phelps [Elizabeth Stuart?]. Girls in Business, 1884

Potter, Chandler Eastman. The History of Manchester, 1856

Sangster, Margaret E. Sunshiny Husbands, 1883
Stowe, Harriet Beecher.  The Minister's Housekeeper, 1872
Sullivan, James.  from A History of the District of Maine, 1795

Towne, Laura M.  from Letters and Diaries, 1912

The Tory Lover - A selection of related sources
John Paul Jones and the Ranger - a selection related to The Tory Lover

You will note that many of these texts are not (or only partly) annotated.  Please feel free to contribute annotations.  Also, if you find other such texts and are able to provide an electronic copy, please contact the site manager.  Full credit will be given with the text for all contributions to this site.

Updated:  December 2014
Terry Heller, Coe College

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