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A Letter in Fame's Tribute to Children.

Sarah Orne Jewett


The following documents are a minor, but interesting curiosity among Jewett's works. First appears a transcription of Jewett's letter. This is followed by an image of her "autograph," her letter as it appeared in "fac-simile" in the collection. Jewett was among those who contributed to a booklet that was sold to raise money for a Children's Building at the Chicago Columbian Exhibition in 1893. Following her letter are copies of the title page and contributors list. These materials from the second edition are made available courtesy of Jean-Paul Michaud. The original publisher was Hays and Company, 1892.

Transcription, with probable errors corrected and indicated in brackets.

South Berwick.
      So the Friday Club is going to open a Children's [Childrens] Home? I wish that it may entertain many a young angel unawares[.]

     It seems to me that if will be a very good chance for teaching and helping some young mothers who come from lonely places and who have not been able to learn the newest ways of caring for little children and making them happy. Could not some good advice be printed in a brief and simple way after the fashion of Day Nursery rules and given to those who come for the pleased and replete babies at night? I am not sure that the babies aren't going to have the best of it at the great Exposition! Sarah Orne Jewett

Jewett's "Autograph"

Title Page

Before the explanatory note, appears this note on the second edition: The second edition of Fame's Tribute to children has been published under the direction of Mrs. Geo. L. Dunlap, Chairman of the Children's Building Committee, of the Board of Lady Managers, and the proceeds of its sale will be used for a Memorial Fund.


Edited and annotated by Terry Heller, Coe College.

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