Sarah Orne Jewett Works

Uncollected Stories and Essays of Sarah Orne Jewett


Jenny Garrow's Lovers (1868)
Paper Roses (1879)
Stolen Pleasures (c. 1880)
Guest at Home, A (1882)
Dark Carpet, A (1883)
Visit Next Door, A (1884)
Dan's Wife (1889)
Financial Failure, A (1890)
Mrs. Parkins's Christmas Eve (1890-91)
Every-Day Girl, An (1892)
In a Country Practice (1894)
Dark Night, A (1895)
Change of Heart, A (1896)
Village Patriot, A (1897)
Gray Mills of Farley, The (1898)
Landlocked Sailor, A (1899)
Foreigner, The (1900)
Elleneen (1901)
Born Farmer, A (1901)
The Honey Tree (1901)
William's Wedding (1910)


Obituary of Theodore H. Jewett (1879)
Plea of Insanity, The (1882)
Afternoon in Holland, An (1882)
Lucky People (1882)
French Country Girl, A (1883)
Every-Day Work (1883)
Misdirected Energy (1884)
Plea for Front Yards, A (1888)
Tribute to Whittier (1891)
Berwick Academy Centennial (1891)
About Hospitality (1892)
Fame's Tribute to Children (1892)
Word from a Neighbor, A (1893)
Lonely Worker, A (1893)
Human Documents (1893)
Old Town of Berwick, The (1894)
Thaxter: 2 Prefaces (1895-6)

These are stories and essays published by Sarah Orne Jewett that she did not collect into books during her lifetime. This is not an exhaustive list, just those currently available at this site.

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Sarah Orne Jewett Works

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