Assist Dr. Carson:                                             Mandy Ludwig

Instruments:                                                      Liz Bradford

Assist w/ instruments:                                        Chelle Barron

Load/Unload (carry all equipt to stage) manager: Claire Sievers, Kirstin Gunnison

Setup manager:                                                 Ben Elliot

Assistant Setup manager:                                   David Shoup

Rhythm section equipment setup manager:          Steve Shanley

Synthesizer Setup:                                             Myles Nardinger

Keyboard Amp, microphone:                              Kyle Patrick

Percussion section setup manager:                      Morgan Fox

Equipment Inventory:                                         Dana Lede

Instrument Inventory:                                         Mitch Beahm

Suitcase Inventory/Loading/Unloading:                Serena Beetner

Assist w/ Suitcases:                                           Kevin Arnold

Bus attendance:                                                 Myles Nardinger, Jeff Johnson

Cord Case Inventory:                                         Cindy Mickens

Tuners:                                                             Karen Skalsky

Folders:                                                             Courtney Herber

Plane Attendance:                                                         Kirsten Gunnison, Pam Patrick, Chuck Mausser

Percussion toys/sticks                                        Phil Koopman

Banner installation:                                            Alan Hiebert

Assist Bass Player                                            Jeff Johnson


When your job is complete, offer to help those still working. Donít wait to be asked!

Do not leave equipment unattended on stage or at the loading area.  Wait for someone to relieve you if you are the only one around.

©June, 2003 Designed by Marissa Carson, age 9