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Some security advice:

Some Important Advice:

Many of you are unfamiliar with the places we are going.  Do not go exploring without good directions from a reputable source (desk clerk, etc.).  Under NO circumstances should anyone venture off on their own without a partner.  If you see someone start to wander off, stop them.  I don't want to scare you, but any city has neighborhoods that you should not be in.  There is safety in numbers - stick together in decent sized groups.  Do not carry loosely attached purses, do not carry large amounts of money in wallets in back pockets (the front pocket is less comfortable but safer).  Do not leave items of value in motel rooms.  Watch out for each other!  It is better to be overly cautious than to have a problem.  Be careful in traffic – don’t forget, they drive on the other side of the street in England – one of the most common accidents is Americans stepping out into traffic without having looked the right way.  With our travel schedule, you may find yourself tired and in need of rest. Do not travel away from the hotels unless you are alert enough to take good care of yourself.  Use good common sense, and I am sure we will have no trouble, but do be cautious. 


Some more security and health advice:

Things to Bring:


Things not to bring:


Suggestions to keep us all sane while living together so closely for eleven days:


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