Jon's Fall 2008
Calc 3 Page

This page contains materials for students in my Calc 3 class in the Fall term of 2008


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Course Materials
Documents in .pdf format require the Adobe Acrobat Reader (which can be downloaded free of charge here) for viewing

Math Culture Reading: Klein Bottle (on Wikipedia) and Imaging maths - Inside the Klein bottle

Exam 3a    Exam 3b
Exam 3a Solutions    Exam3b Solutions
Practice Quiz 6
Practice Quiz 6 Solutions
Quiz 5a    Quiz 5b
Quiz 5a Solutions    Quiz 5b Solutions
Practice Quiz 5
Practice Quiz 5 Solutions
Quiz 4a    Quiz 4b
Quiz 4a Solutions    Quiz 4b Solutions
Practice Quiz 4
Practice Quiz 4 Solutions
Fake Quiz 4

Quiz 3a    Quiz 3b
Quiz 3a Solutions    Quiz 3b Solutions
Practice Quiz 3
Practice Quiz 3 Solutions
Problem Set 3

Exam 2a    Exam 2b
Exam 2a Solutions    Exam 2b Solutions
Fake Quiz 3  
Problem Set 2  
Exam 1a    Exam 1b Exam 1a Solutions    Exam 1b Solutions
Fake Quiz 2  
Problem Set 1  
Fake Quiz 1  
Quiz 2a    Quiz 2b Quiz 2a Solutions    Quiz 2b Solutions
Quiz 1a    Quiz 1b Quiz 1a Solutions    Quiz 1b Solutions